Love Comes Loudly

*SoliDea FoliEs* Group Gift

All those who know me, know what a quiet feck I truly am. But you also know how, a few years ago, I was adopted by my loud boisterous Italian “gypsy” family, as I love to call them. I’d lie to say I am not overwhelmed by them at times, but there isn’t a single one I would wish to “get rid of.” But the matriarch of my virtual family, Mila Tatham, is soundly entrenched in my heart, in a real world measure. But its an easy entrench, as many of you know, she is kind to a fault, loving beyond measure and this Lil Cao is blessed she landed on her door step so many years ago. The reason for this blog? Tomorrow is Mila’s birthday! And in true Mila fashion, it’s you she wishes to give the gift to. If you get a chance, stop by Salimar Luxury District, join the *SoliDea FoliEs* group and pick up your gorgeous headpiece. for free!

It's not you. It's my Shrinks Orders.

Also, to celebrate Mila’s birthday, *SoliDea FoliEs* is finally releasing this Dior inspired outfit “White Season” that I wore for a recent photo shoot with Skip Staheli. So you too can own it. Frankly I didn’t take it off for weeks. ewwwww! I know, right? Mila is out of town celebrating with family, but if you get a chance, drop her a notecard wishing her a Happy Birthday, I know she will love it! We have the winner’s of the blog contest, but, well, for that you will have to come back tomorrow. I hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

4 thoughts on “Love Comes Loudly

  1. You are beautiful as always Cao, and I told you that you would know. There is nothing wrong with being single and it is not the same as being alone. You have all of us after all so you would never be truly alone…we won’t let you:-) This makes more sense if it were posted on your last blog but hey, I never said I was timely lol…Hugs and stuff, Spirit

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