Be Patient. I’m not Done with Me Yet.

Be Patient. I'm Not Done With Me Yet

Famous photographer Imogene Cunningham was asked once which one of her photos was her fave, to which she responded “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” Such a simple sentence showing the depth and honesty of this humble artist but for us, it is learning point to strive to always do better. Why this topic, why today? I suppose I always get melancholy with “what if’s” when MVW time rolls around again, I am human after all. But more importantly, I think this quote is a grand lesson to us all. If you weren’t picked this round, don’t let it be the end, let it be the starting point to learn and grow, to put aside the feeling of rejection and regroup, reorganize and turn yourself from just a Second Life model, to Second Life masterpiece. However, if you were picked, the same goes for you too. You (me, we) should never be fully satisfied with what we have already done, but instead aim to make it better with the next challenge. You’ve got your chance, now it’s up to you to show the world what you can do. Take this time to learn about style, learn about art, (after all, what are we but pixels of art?) and learn about yourself, learn how to show who you are by what you are wearing.

Be Patient. I'm Not Done with Me Yet.

Take from? Of course! Create a step or two beyond what you think you are capable of. Try the possibilities of everything. Recreate the boundaries of who you are by taking risks. But most importantly, I want you to remember, you were a good model prior to Miss Virtual World and if you choose to continue, you will be a better model in the future. Miss Virtual World does not define, or make you who you are. Only you have that power. Hard work and perseverance, dedication to learning, and well, some luck too, are what make a model rise above other models. So if you fell short this time, dust off those big girl knickers, rest a bit, and get back out there, work hard and be the best you can be. It is very likely that the only reason they were chosen and not you is because the best you just hasn’t been captured in pixelated form yet. But, well, that’s just my take on it. SLURL’s are here:

Be Patient. I'm Not Done with Me Yet.

Hair: Dura, girl48 **NEW**
Earrings/Watch: [Mandala], Yakushi and Hokusai
Shirt: .Shi, Sari Wrap **NEW**
Short: .Shi, Hive High Waist pant
Poses: Ma Vie Taxi: and

2 thoughts on “Be Patient. I’m not Done with Me Yet.

  1. This is a very motivating post, Cao. It applies to second life models and also to aspiring writers or photographers, among other aspiring artists. Rejection is not the end; persevere and give your best.

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