Gossamer Wings and Tatted Lace Heart Strings

Gossamer Wings and the Lace of Heart Strings

Every year, this month of the year, I get this way, quiet, reserved, and even a little sad. Last night I was really upset with a friend on Facebook, over nothing a’tall, so I knew, it’s that time. (I hope he forgives me). My only plausible excuse? I’m a little crazy and you just can’t cure crazy. One of the few modeling things I still do and enjoy is charitable events. Second Life is so amazing for philanthropic projects because with so many of them, even though you are donating Lindens, you are receiving something in return. The one charity event I always take part in is Fashion For Life which benefits the American Cancer Society. There will be a huge party this weekend beginning at noon SLT, and lasting all weekend that will officially end this years inworld Relay for Life efforts. Some of the prior candidates for Miss Virtual World will be there in their National Costumes, heck, I hear tell there might even be a Lil Cao running around in her modern Hanbok. If you are a prior MVW candidate and want to join in, please contact Draakje Dailey and she can give you the particulars. I hope you will all attend and buy the last of the participating designers clothes, let’s push the donations over the top for the American Cancer Society this year. That said, from today to Friday, I am blogging without hair to bring attention to a couple of events that are very close to my heart and all for the same reason. Cancer.

Don’t think cancer is some vague disease that will never affect you. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States alone. It doesn’t care about age, race or nationality. Its victims are brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, children, friends, co-workers, neighbors; anyone you meet at any given time could be affected with cancer. Even you. This week, I proudly remove my hair in honor of 2013 Hair Fair (http://hairfair.wordpress.com/ ) which benefits Wigs for Kids a charity that provides wigs to children who lose their hair due to illness and chemotherapy. I remove my hair for Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora who is fighting an ongoing battle with breast cancer ( http://lovedonnaflora.wordpress.com/ ) and I am removing my hair for my sister in law Kim, who lost her battle to leukemia in July of 2007.

Take from? Yes sure. Help. Please just help. When the tatted lace heartstrings of those close to us are broken because our loved ones now fly with gossamer wings, it is too late to fight cancer. Stand with me and let’s eradicate this disease before it affects someone close to those who have not yet seen its ravaging affects. There are many types of cancer, but all cancers start with a single abnormal cell. Abnormal cells multiply quickly. They spread to other parts of the body, invading healthy body tissue and organs, yet almost half of all cancer deaths can be prevented with early detection and treatment. This is such a dreaded disease, it silently infiltrates families and friendships, doesn’t care whether its victim is an adult or child, nor does it care the color of one’s skin. Let’s work together to see this disease eradicated in our life time.

One thought on “Gossamer Wings and Tatted Lace Heart Strings

  1. One of the most important people of my life is dying of cancer and I know how feel who has the cancer but also how feel who is near and love this person. Is a painful war for both parts. Hold on and fight Squinternet! We love you.

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