Hope Will Never Be Silent ~ Harvey Milk

Hope Will Never Be Silent

Second in my series of blogging without hair to raise awareness of fundraiser’s involving cancer. Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora has been a long standing designer in Second Life. But she has also been a pillar of the Second Life Fashion industry, freely giving her inventory for numerous charities and fashion shows through the years. In December 2011, our real world friend was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer and given a very grim prognosis. In true Squinternet form, she buckled in, bore down and fought the cancer with alternative and traditional therapies which definitely prolonged her life, but now, the cancer reorganized and though she won the first battle, now she must fight to win the war.

Hope Will Never Be Silent

While off fighting her cancer, we in Second Life wandered away from Donna Flora a little bit. Since she is too weak to create new releases her store is now earning just enough to pay the SIM tier every month. But is this how we repay someone who was there to give to us whenever we asked? I certainly hope not. Come together and help us, the Second Life Fashion Industry, as we all double down and throw in to give back. July 25th to August 11th,2013 has been declared the “Love Donna Flora” event and there will be designs from many of the SL Fashion industry’s finest designers for sale to thank, to help and to honor Squinternet Larnia. Each designer will create one item in which 100% of the proceeds will go to the Love Donna Flora fund, specifically to Squinternet Larnia to help defray the costs of her alternative therapies and home nursing care. There will be other items sold from the designer in which 50%, 75%, or 100% can be donated. You buy and wear clothes all the time in Second Life, why not buy from the same designers you frequent daily anyway, with the added joy of knowledge that you will be lending much needed help to a fellow resident and friend?

Garden Party

The take from? Yes, here it is. While love may come softly on gossamer wings, hope never should. It should be a loud joyful sound to the soul. This event is more than about raising money. It brings awareness, in a real world sense, to the ravages cancer can wrought on families, friends, acquaintances, any human being, at any time. So even if you do not have a single Linden to your name, give your time. Take 30 seconds of time to encourage our friend, tell her she is a missed and valued member of our community, she isn’t forgotten and you send her well wishes and strength. Let’s loudly and boldly give her hope by posting messages of good wishes, thoughts, stories, and memories on http://lovedonnaflora.wordpress.com/messages-for-squinternet/ . If that’s not your thing, there is also a Flickr pool http://www.flickr.com/groups/2255942@N21/ for pictures for Squinternet. Because we all know fighting cancer takes money, but at times, more importantly, it takes an endless supply of love and hope too. Will you share yours today?

Outfit One:
Hat: Donna Flora, Tania Hat
Necklace: Donna Flora, Marzia necklace
Earring: Donna Flora, Romance Earring
Watch: Donna Flora, Samatra Watch
Ring: Donna Flora, Vito Ring
Shirt: [sYs], Koke Bustier
Pant: :[P]: , Militia Skinny Jeans
Hips: Miamai, Jeunesse pants

Outfit Two:
Dress: Gizza, Romantic Rendez-vous **NEW**
Gloves: Mimikri
Necklace: Donna Flora, Vivian
Earrings: Donna Flora, Brenda
Ring: Donna Flora, Vito
Hairs: Boon, KBO906

14 thoughts on “Hope Will Never Be Silent ~ Harvey Milk

  1. Love the outfit in the first pic Cao its so awesome. The 2nd picture The shadows from the flower are really pretty and your skin looks so glowy .. Over all I really like that shot 🙂 Have a nice day!

  2. On a warm summer day, in August, a beautiful woman passed from this world; at the tender age of 26. For a year she fought, with all her heart, to hold onto this world …she fought because she didn’t want to let go of her two young daughters and devoted husband. In the end, uterine cancer left her body a shell but never broke her spirit. She parted from this world on her wedding anniversary, the following day was her oldest child’s 8th birthday…two days later, she was buried; on her 27th birthday.
    That woman was my mother…I turned 7 two weeks after she slipped forever from our world.
    August has always been a special month for our family…one filled with ephemeral memories…forever marking the time before and the time after cancer.
    Several years later, cancer visited my family again. In the mid 70s my paternal grandmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had a mastectomy and went on to live 25 more years cancer free. A true gift for our family and her indomitable strength shaped the woman I have become.
    Today I received a letter with the result of my own latest mammography exam and I am one of the fortunate ones who can breathe a sigh of relief for another year.
    As you know, I am very rarely inworld…but I want to honor my mother, my grandmother, Squinternet and all the individuals who’s lives have been forever altered by cancer.
    I consider it a blessing, and a duty, to log in and contribute.

    1. I am so sorry you have been through so much, to lose a mother so young must have been devestating Xiu. I feel so sad for the little girl in you, and I know this set about some trying times as you grew up. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer as well, and she also beat it with a mastectomy. That is another reason I push these cancer charities so hard, so many cancers can be beat with early detection. I wish we could wipe it’s existence off the face of the Earth. Big huge hug and little kisses on your nose. Love you Xiu, so so much <33

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