Watching My Own Back and Kicking out for a Cause

Watching My Own Back and Kicking out for a Cause Hairs: [sYs], Birdy Hair **2013 Hair Fair** . Necklace: LaGyo, Mayra **L’Accessoires* . Makeup: Violator, I See You (eyes) . Blackliquid: Blood (lips) . Dress: !:Lybra:! Vex .

1000L. I did a lot of thinking last night, and I am going to sell myself. There’s a sort of bounty on my head, I mean it was bound to happen eventually. There are two things in the world I positively can’t stand, Internet trolls and Cyber-Bully’s. I’ve always been very vocal about it here, covering the topic several times. Even have a picture in the top right corner about turning our backs on the Internet Trolls. I don’t know why, the arseholes just always scare the chit out of me. I suppose it brings out the smooshed down feelings of the painfully shy and awkwardly, quiet and bookish little girl buried so deep within me. The constantly laughed at and picked on little girl. You never really lose the painful memories of childhood, we do a great job of piling enough crap on top of them we make a hoarder look like a minimalist, but they are always there to rear their ugly faces at the turn of every corner. A Second Life bully has been coming at me a bit recently, Ramonzita aka Missfedorova, et al.

Do I think she will copy my shape as she likes to threaten? Probably eventually, I do walk the occasional walk for charity still even though I am retired. But since nothing is on the immediate horizon for me, I am retired, it would be a crap shoot for her at this point. I used to really worry, just totally stress out about someone taking my shape. But I thought about it so hard last night because you know what? They can steal my body (that IS what copybotting someone is), but they can’t steal my essense, my soul, the very heart I pour into Caoimhe daily. That said, to beat the thief to the theft, I’ve decided to sell myself (my shape) to the highest bidder with the caveat the highest bid will go to Wigs for Kids as part of the 2013 Hair Fair.

07182013 Hairs: Miamai, Sakura **Hair Fair** . Necklace: !:Lybra:! , Aarushi **L’Accessoires . Dress: Lybra, Aydiz .
So starting today July 18, 2013 and ending July 27th, 2013 you can bid on my shape, which will be sold to the highest bidder. I want the minimum bid to be 1000L’s because that is what shapes sell for on whats her names marketplace. To keep it honest, to bid send me, Caoimhe Lionheart AND Draakje Dailey (less chance of a lost NC then) a NC with your bid with the subject “Wigs for Kids. [your name]” with the bid written inside. So you know where the bidding is, the first sentence of my blog from now until the 28th (listing the winner) will be the highest of the day before’s bidding. (ex. 1000L like seen at the beginning of this blog). If there are no bids, afterall, its very possible there won’t be, I retired pretty close to two years ago now.. If there are no bids, I will still throw in 1000L for Wigs for Kids through 2013 Hair Fair in honor of all of my readers to show how much I appreciate you.


Take from? Yes. We can choose to empower our enemies by cowering hidden in a corner, or we can choose to take the power from them by deciding our own fate. There was a time, not so long ago shamefully, when I would choose to cower, to worry someone would take a piece of me. But this blog, the readers who have sent me numerous NC’s, IM’s, comments here, FB everywhere and even just the readers who pass through with a peek, even if by accident, you have all given me something, so much something that cowering is no longer an alternative for me. Because Caoimhe is no longer me, she is us. She is a piece of all of you too, you have all taught me about life and giving, comforted me, made me laugh, smile and even cry. So really, what better thing to do with a little Cao than to give a symbol of her away to help bring some small comfort to children with terminal illnesses? Somehow, I just think it’s the right thing to do.

Don’t forget 2013 Hair Fair benefitting Wigs for Kids, it’s only open until the 29th of July, so hurry. Here’s the link to SLURL’s again!


24 thoughts on “Watching My Own Back and Kicking out for a Cause

  1. You are priceless. A rare gem that can’t be captured in any currency. That said, I agree with you when you say that a pixel shape doesnt define who you are, it is your sense of style, your generous heart and your unique soul. Noone can ever copy that. Love you, my mad mooh!

  2. Be absolutely certain and know in your heart, Sweet Cao, that NO ONE can capture the essence of who you are. Each of us are unique unto ourselves among multitudes of sameness. There can be no exact duplicate. Let them try, but do not trouble yourself as it simply can’t be accomplished. YOU are the one and only YOU. 🙂

    1. See? You are so so beautyful! Thank you Essex, you are wise, so kind, and sounded a bit, no well, a LOT like my mum back in those little girl days. Thank you for uniquely wonderful and lovely you! ❤

  3. Anyone on the grid could wear your shape Little Cao but they would just be a shape cuz the stuff that is behind that exterior are all that make up the Cao we all know and love. I think it is very sweet of you to get the jump on what’s her face but honestly with or without your shape we know what defines who you are. I seem to be safe from her lol, she told me once during a show I was doing that I had an ugly shape and needed to hire a shape maker. I said oh! you don’t like it, then guess I won’t have to worry about you stealing it have a nice day:-) you could dress yourself up or down in a cardboard box, but as soon as you typed a sentence I would know it was you ❤ Cao

    1. 😀 😀 See? You are one of those people who makes me a better person. Someone who owns a “piece of the Cao.” You know I love you so much Spirit, nothing will ever change that, you are a remarkable friend and woman. As for the whas-her-face comment, I always was too. She apparently dislikes my blog. 😉 But, well, she can’t take that away.

      ❤ Cao

  4. You are the best! lol I do love that you’re doing this. I may have to make a bid myself, then never wear your shape, if I win. Nobody could ever be you, and I laugh to think anyone would even try!

    1. O.o. *cough* um.. you wanna buy me and stuff me in the black hole that is your inventory? *shivers* Peep. I peeked in there the week you were gone… It’s skeeryyyy!!!!! :***

      1. Black hole you say, but you secretly mean it would be heaven with all the shoes and hairs you would be bathing in. Uhuh, try deny that!

  5. You know, most lovely Cao, every time I read yet another piece involving this individual…I start to wonder. I wonder how sad his/her existence in First Life must be…that compels him/her to seek and grasp at vacuous power in a virtual world. How little self esteem this person must have that drives him/her to make such desperate futile attempts at tearing down others; while “hiding” behind a false persona. How much fear does it take to make someone so sad that they feel the only way to fill that bottomless hole in their soul is with rage, anger and hate. Just how empty is his/her life that envy haunts him/her…rules his/ her world? Imagine hating yourself so much that envy eats at your heart and turns you into someone who would do anything to destroy that which you secretly covet and desire to be.

    I don’t know who this person is behind the avatar, I don’t know his/her true circumstance in life and, in no way, do I condone his/her behavior….but the human me holds hope that someday he/she will find a healthy way to deal with whatever sad empty fear rules his/her existence..and his/her soul finds peace.

    As to your avatar shape…in the end, it is a mass of pixel configurations that is but a small representation of the soul that drives the vehicle; it is nothing without your unique spirit inhabiting it…..and that, my friend, is what he/she covets most and shall never be able to obtain. Envy is the death of a soul…it is a long, painful suffocation…from a self inflicted wound…only that person can heal.

    It is the most difficult individuals that are in dire need of patience,compassion and grace…and present us with our greatest challenges; our life lessons.

    Namaste beautiful one <3<3

    1. I do agree Xiu, but to be honest I have “chatted” extensively with this particular person, with respectful kind tones between us both. The first time she was just starting to make every one miserable. I asked her why she felt that way, was she unhappy, angry, need someone to talk to etc. She would say so many things about herself, her real life, and how happy she is and doesn’t want to change because she is having too much fun. You can’t help a person who can’t see how they are in real terms. SL may be a virtual world but her destruction affects real humans. So for that part, I don’t turn my back on her, but I choose not to accept her bad behavior either. Big kiss my sweet Xiu. Cao

      1. Ohhhh I most agree…my comment (or rather long winded oratory) was just an observation about her; not so much about your interactions with her. When I mentioned difficult people needing patience etc. the most…that would include not feeding her need for attention by wishing her well and moving on…it is often the kindest thing we can do as she feeds negatively on any attention; kind or otherwise. She/he is such a runaway train….so very sad.
        Love you to bits n’ pieces ma petite vache. ❤ ❤

  6. What a wonderful idea Cao. Your essence can never be fabricated and copied, I remember the first time I read your blog and how you inspired me and then how you encourage me. And that is something that can never be diminished by sad people like ‘her’.

    1. You are an amazing model and beautyful lady my dear Zion. Where I am waning as a model, your star is burning so bright. I wish you all happiness, fulfillment and joy in both of your lives. Happy weekend! xo

  7. Cao,
    we all know you are an amazing adorable person and we all know there are in every corner of our lifes ( both lifes) people that usually loves to hurt people because they are hurted with themself.
    Love you lil pet, please do not give them importance and forget those lost souls!
    Aunty Mims

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