The Devil and Lil Cao Lionheart

The Devil and Lil Cao Lionheart Still using my new temporary shape, but who knows I might tweak it and keep it. Hat: Lode, Binny **L’Accessoires . Hairs: TRAM, A817 . Jewelry: [Mandala], TefuTefu **Summer 2013 Collection**

3000L. As some of you know, an event really upset me last night, but before I get into that I need to share my “date night” with some of my more nosey divinely curious friends. 😉 So, Dr. Colon Taylor took me to a local family style restaurant which is, as you know, a good choice for me, since at the more fancy dress up locales I wear spanks, and the need to apply mass quantities a couple of drinks just to be able to carry on a first date conversation makes the entire going to bathroom thing a major debacle. I digress. Things were going amazingly well with Taylor, we talked about family, food likes and dislikes, movies, and books, all the typical stories one talks about when meeting each other for the first time and out of the blue I looked over at him with soulful flirting eyes and asked “So tell me about your job?” (for those reading for the first time, check yesterday’s blog here). As you can imagine, the second the words left my mouth my eyes were big as saucers and my face was fifty shades of red. To hide the red, I grabbed my glass of water and took a huge sip to hide behind the rim. Unfortunately a square cube of ice lodged rather painfully in my throat and I began to choke, yep, the vulturing always attentive waitress happened to be walking by right at that moment and slapped me in the back. Much to my dismay, the nefarious cube dislodged, flew like a Wallenda to land innocently smack dab in the middle of Taylor’s salad. Obviously, at this point, acting like any socially inept person would, I grabbed my purse, headed for the ladies room and prayed in my head there was a window I could crawl out of. Which, of course, there was not. Chagrined and back to an almost normal color I returned to the table, noticing my embarrassment and not wanting me to be uncomfortable, Taylor looks at me, smiles and says “Wow, you nailed it!” We troopered on, and things went remarkably well, in fact so well it leads me to believe my mum warned him about me. I can’t be angry at her though, perhaps all mums should warn potential beaus about their daughters, just in case the daughter has the urge to shiv the date with a plastic spork half way through the meal. But, for this date, the spork stayed long forgotten, that’s got to mean something, right?

eclips3 Corset: E-Clipse, Minimalista . Jeans: :[P]:, Militia Skinny pant . Watch: [Mandala], Hokusai

That said, let’s talk about my comments last night. I am sorry for them, I was so saddened, but with the morning comes renewed resolve and perspective. When I returned home a friend left me an offline IM that I was now on Market Place for sale. Without thought it deeply upset me and I struggled to sleep last night but I let it go today, this person is worse than a nothing. For one thing, I doubt she could have copied my shape, I am inworld an hour a day weekdays and at the most usually only three hours a day on weekends and I never really go anywhere or see anyone. As for the charitable shows or runway shows I’ve done in the time this rodent has been around, I’ve never worn my shape. Remember? I said the other day that I used to cower from bullies, I think the only one who knew this was my besty Draakje Dailey, but this person used to upset me so much I was scared to be out in public. And since putting my shape for auction to raise money for Wigs for Kids, I’ve worn the alternate shape that has been used on my blog. So I am going to proceed with the auction with a few caveats. I am going to give my shape to anyone who bids 1001L’s or over with all of the Lindens going to Wigs for Kids ( ) and I myself am going to donate 10,000Ls to the cause on top of the Linden’s I have already paid to blog for the 2013 Hair Fair. (yes, I paid for all of the hairs I blogged)

The Devil and Lil Cao Lionheart Fell in love with this gown. Amazingly haute couture! Gown: E-Clipse, Hibrid . Mask: La Malvada Mujer, Miao . Hairs: Tuty’s, Mathilda Bob

When I was a child there was this program that had a bracelet that had “WWJD” written on it. The purpose was to remind a person before they made a rash decision, like follow a friend over a bridge, to stop and think and ask yourself “What Would Jesus Do?” I never really needed a reminder, I was a bookish, quiet shy little kid, more made fun of than allowed to be a follower. But my mum, realizing I had demons of my own told me that for children like me, the bracelet was a code of a different sort. It was to remind me that no matter how scared I get, for unique special children the bracelet really meant “The Devil Just Won’t Win.” Take from? sure! This too will pass. The Wigs for Kids will still get money from my shape to purchase wigs for children facing these horrendous often terminal diseases. But more importantly, the devil in Second Life didn’t win, because now the evil person in real life will have to think about what she/he has done every single time they see terminally ill child, or when someone in their own family becomes ill, or possibly even themselves because cancer doesn’t discriminate against evil either. On that day, they will have to look in the mirror or the eyes of their loved one and see their part in trying to take away, to keep from innocent victims, one of the things that might give them hope. Don’t forget the SLURL’s to 2013 Hair Fair are found here: Go, go! you only have until the 28th, 2013!


27 thoughts on “The Devil and Lil Cao Lionheart

  1. See I knew you would be stronger than those that set out to hurt you. I find that If you ignore these people they will eventually go away. And who cares if they take and sell your shape. You can always make a new one, and you are not your shape, that is what endears you to all of us who you are on the inside. If that changes then Houston we have a problem, but I just don’t see that for you. You are one of the most genuine people I know, very lighthearted to boot. Don’t you ever let anyone take that away from you. See you next post my friend…much love, Spirit

  2. I LOVE absolutely everything about these pics…styling, composition, poses, clothing and accessories ( I WANT all the clothing and accessories lol).

    Sorry, but I was drinking coffee as I was reading about your date and literally choked as I could not help the bubbles of laughter that spontaneously erupted. You DO have a very descriptive way with explaining things. ❤

    As to the shape auction…my bid stands firm and I am in 100%.

    Je t'aime petite vache <3<3

  3. I honestly cant even fathom why anyone would want to harm you or be hateful to you.. I don’t know you really.. I read your blogs I hear your stories.. I smile at them I laugh at them or with you 🙂 I even read them to my husband .. Ive made it appoint to read your blog like any other would read the newspaper. Your blog inspires me . I say Hi to you in world we chat .. I say random things and yet you are always so friendly..For me to think that anyone could be rude or even evil to you makes me think they are jealous or just not happy with their own lives to want what you have.. Your avi is beautiful its unique .. You are beautiful .. Don’t let the hate get you down.. Their are many people who love you and look forward to being near such kindness.. If anything their needs to be more Cao’s in the world .. Even if You do make a new Avi or tweak the one you have Your still going to be you. 🙂 ON a less serious Note … Im sorry im totally one of your nosey friends who likes to hear about your dates XD!!

    1. Thank you Andi, you are always so supportive and I appreciate it. Thank you for saying “hi” to me as well, it makes my day! Have a wonderful day and congrats on all the blogging opportunities you are getting, it shows the great blogger you will become ❤

  4. Noone rude or mean or plain idiotic is worth your thoughts and/or worries. So the best way to repay them is to live your SLife happy and surrounded by things and people you love. Your shape, as ‘you’ as it is, isnt what defines you. Others may buy it, even wear it, but they can never make it sparkle and shine like you do. I for one think its flattering if they do, but there will always be this nagging voice in their heads telling them nothing will ever beat the original.

  5. The description of your date has me giggling. I’m waiting to hear if your mom books an appointment with the doc just to hear the details of your date!

    As for the rest of your post — I won’t comment on the situation as I don’t know it. Though I agree with the comment above, your shape is not what makes you. I will leave it with this quote… “Circumstances are beyond human control, but our conduct is in our own power.”


  6. Cao, perhaps you could find a way to take this as an extreme compliment. Do you realize how many women in both RL & SL (as well as some men in SL) strive to be like that certain person that has impressed them indelibly. Whether it is someone they have seen in pictures or movies or somewhere else they want to be like that person. You are icon of sorts in SL. You are well-liked and respected. You know that YOU cannot be duplicated so in a sense what this person has tried to produce as a negative thing to make you feel bad could actually make you feel quite good in that you’ve been chosen to represent a kind of perfection. Those that may purchase your shape would do so, I think, as tribute to what they wish they could be for themselves. Everything has two sides to it if you chose to look deep enough….. there is light & dark. I hope you can choose the light. That’s my unsolicited opinion. Have a blessed week!

    1. Thank you Essex, you are so right. I think my inner turmoil is in the sadness I feel for a person who has the need to try to take away from a person’s charitable action. And my dear friend, I would always choose lightness. I hope your week is blessed as well. ❤

  7. A shape is only a series of numbers. And even if they are all added together, they will NEVER equal lil Cao. Ever. What you are doing with your auction is fabulous and yes, I will be placing a bid. I’m going to ask you a favour, though. If I end up placing the highest bid, I want to do a photograph with you. Me, using your shape and you using mine. You see, I want to show the world that a shape is NOT what makes the person – I can never be Cao and Cao can never be Peep. Is it a deal? 🙂

    Oh, and hang on to the proctologist – he sounds like a winner! Just maybe um…handle him with rubb…um…kid gloves! 😉

      1. I do too, as evidenced by the fact I did the time conversion before coffee. In fact, I got the SL time right but the Eastern time wrong o.O (the coffee thing…I’m blaming the coffee thing!) I was wondering what you would be doing up at 2am 😀

        I’m not usually in that late, but I CAN do it. I’ll just have a cup of coffee later in the day so I don’t fall asleep 😉

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