Girls Just Want to Have Sun

Girls Just Want to Have Sun

18000L. What can I say, it’s the weekend and there’s a big beautiful day outside calling my name. To the left is the running total for my shape auction to benefit Wigs for Kids. This number includes my donation of 10,000L’s and two other donations I received either Linden’s or email/NC’s for. It was switched from an auction to everyone can receive my shape yesterday when I found out someone “thinks” they stole my shape. Please don’t buy the shape on the marketplace, it is very obviously not me. See below? A friend apparently bought the shape and snapped a picture for me. The pictures a great one, but the avatar? um, not me. Do you think there is a resemblance? So if you can have the “real” me for the price of the nowhere near me, why waste your money? Just a thought, take it for what it’s worth.

1001026_10201596992555713_1165768590_nThis is NOT a Lil Cao

This is one of Zibska’s offerings, “Pero,” for the 2013 Hair Fair for Wigs for Kids. Isn’t it remarkable? Runway perfect if you ask me. All three of her hairs for the event are. I just love the shape and glam style! The dress is also from Zib Scagg’s Zibska and is called “Shuchun.” The incredible jewelry set is from [PXL] and new at this round of L’Accessoires. And the wonderfully sexy shoos are BSD Design Studio’s “Summer Lover” and are an exclusive available right now at 2013 Shoe Fair. So runnnnnnnnnn! All Slurls are found on my “Last Known SLURLS” page Here:.

Girls Just Want to Have Sun

Take from? Sure. I hope wherever you are today, you are enjoying the day and surrounded with friends and family! Take of yourself and have fun!


2 thoughts on “Girls Just Want to Have Sun

  1. Fierce styling and that hair is amazing…soooo love Zibska’s creations!

    Oh, and WOOHOO for the running total…let’s get it to 50K…we can do it for the kids AND as a message to the bullies that your pathetic intimidation tactics DO NOT work here! <3<3

    ChooChoo ma petite vache

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