KT the Davil Dog and Doctor Ben Dover

KT The Davil Dog and Doctor Ben DoverDress: Miamai, Giulia **LOVE DONNA FLORA Exclusive** . Hair: Red(Mint), Hair No 15’13 **2013 Wigs for Kids** . Jewelry: Kungler’s Extra, Banbu . Hair Beads: Earthstones

45,001 L’s. Just a light blog today, for the next days I might have a little less blog and a few more pictures. The Love Donna Flora event is fast approaching (July 25, 2013) and there are so many designer’s involved, it’s amazing what I have seen so far! Before I get started, I’ll give a small update on the beau Taylor front for my nosey, divinely curious friends. We went to an early dinner last night, a low key one, no stress, and it went so well I thought I’d introduce him to KT (her spelling, not mine) the Parson Jack Russell Terrior-ist. I was nervous, as you probably remember Katy loved Jay. Jay (the ex) was like the patron Saint of all things dog and children, and Katy Didit isn’t known to like, well, anyone but me, so the bar had been set pretty high. But you know me, always the optimist.

KT The Davil Dog and Doctor Ben DoverDress: Romance Couture, Fierce **LOVE DONNA FLORA Exclusive** . Hair: Lelutka, Dulcina **2013 Wigs for Kids** . Handbag: 22769, Veronica bag **L’Accessoires** . Glasses: Redgrave, Holly

To catch the import of this story though, let me give you a little background on Katy. Remember, my “three states away” sister, the one who isn’t happy unless she is dabbling in all things Cao? She gave me Katy. I remember it like it was yesterday when she commented “every unmarriable single girl needs a dog. Think of it as a graduation present” To which I smartly answered, oh yeah, well why are you giving me that one and not one of the others (she had 3 Jack Russell’s at the time), always the quick one on her feet she answered, “Katy’s the newest and when you have 3 they get a little packish and bitchy.” Yeah, tell me something I don’t know, I was raised with two sisters. To a normal person flags would be going off everywhere, especially when she added, “I’ll even drive her three states away to deliver her to you.” So, as you can tell, I have a Katy (14 years now!) The first day I had Katy, she was playing and having fun, not used to having a dog, it took me a moment to realize she’d gotten awfully quiet, deciding to figure out why, I walked into the kitchen and where previously I had left my slice of pizza three feet up on the countertop, stood the little terriorist snarfing it down. We went through this for about a week, each trying to figure out who was boss, I’d go to work, she’d get angry and show her displeasure by leaving me a “prezzy” in the middle of the dining room table. I’d go out and she’d eat my shoos, I’d throw her bone off the balcony and yell “fetch” (I’m teasing! geesh. Thinking it doesn’t count, right?) but then one day, about a month in, I had had such a bad day at work, all I wanted to do was get home, peel off my clothes, put on a t-shirt and have a glass of wine. No sooner had I walked in the door when I saw, KT, my crazy little wonder dog, launch herself over the back of the couch, skid across the dining room table, fly through the breakfast bar opening, land on the kitchen floor with a thump, only to jump in my arms and lick my face. I was a goner.

KT The Davil Dog and Doctor Ben DoverDress: Charltina’s, Fish Dress **LOVE DONNA FLORA Exclusive** . Hair: Red(Mint), Hair No. 13’13 **2013 Hair Fair** . Feet: [Gos], flat feet.

Well, last night after dinner, I invited Taylor up to meet Crazy KT. She’s been a little sad since Jay left, (yeah, like mum, she won’t let me forget what a failure I am at times) so I was hoping Taylor would be able to fill the void. We had decided we would take her on a quick walk along the beach before the sun set and entering the condo I yelled for Katy to bring her leash. No sooner had I turned back to answer something Taylor said when Katy came barreling around the corner, my knickers in her mouth and rocketing past, she flew out the door. Embarrassed I grabbed her leash we both pursued the mangy mutt thrice removed and obviously over inbred intelligent ancestor of the current RCA dog, as she raced down the walkway on the second floor (luckily that kept her contained). Long story short, Taylor caught Katy, daintily held my knickers out for me (hole in the ground please open up and consume me now) and we took her for the promised walk. She even let him hold the leash. Figures. I guess even her “grandma biological clock” is ticking, either that or my mum gave her a stern talking to. My mum may be only five feet tall but she’s got a “stink eye” that will make the tallest of men humble at her feet. Take from? Naw, not even I can find one in this mess. I just hope your day is bringing you miles of smiles.

a-jack-russell-hangs-10-on-a-surfboard-at-the-4th-annual-helen-woodwarThis isn’t Katy, I didn’t have a picture of her here at work, but like this Jack Russell she loves to surf on a knee board. In fact this dog looks so much like her (all but the tail marking) at first glance I thought it was her. But alas, as I like to tell KT every time I see a dog on TV “Look KT another dog with a job.” to which she always glances at me and responds, “hmpf, I like to live a life of Lay-zure” (Hey I don’t make this stuff up)


8 thoughts on “KT the Davil Dog and Doctor Ben Dover

  1. OMG 45KL Just fabulous! ” No sooner had I walked in the door when I saw, KT, my crazy little wonder dog, launch herself over the back of the couch, skid across the dining room table, fly through the breakfast bar opening, land on the kitchen floor with a thump, only to jump in my arms and lick my face. I was a goner.” …I DIE…could I love you any more.
    Have an amazing day and keep your knickers locked up. ;P <3<3

    1. actually tomorrow will be 50,001 ^5

      Omg she IS my little terriorist, my sister did have the right one for me after all, two little misfits making it in this big world! As for the knickers, yes, need a clothes basket with a locking lid! 🙂 Thank you Xiu!

  2. Yay! I am dancing in my seat…now let’s go for 100KL! We have four more days…we can do it! KT sounds like my kinda gal, but then she IS just like you. <3<3

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