Don’t I Know You?

To live is rarest of thingsEarrings: Donna Flora . Hat: Miamai

51,501 L’s raised here for Wigs for Kids. Only 2 days left to pledge to receive my shape. I mentioned last week I would cover the process of creating your own brand. Why would a Second Life model, business owner or designer do this? To increase their exposures to the market and in turn, their profitability, of course! You spend a great deal of time and money to become the best model you can be, don’t you want to maximize your potential when your training is done? I hope you don’t expect to go to a modeling academy, graduate and expect designers to come hunting you down. Unfortunately, it takes a little more business savvy than that. But with a little patience, and a lot of ground work, you too can be an icon of the fashion industry, just like a Miaa Rebane, Mimmi Boa, or Diconay Boa.

Don't I Know You? Hair: Amacci, Daphne **For Love Donna Flora** . Earrings: Dahlinks, UpTown . Eyebrows: Elysium

The very first step, define your brand and become an expert on you. Take the time to do some soul searching and determine exactly who you are and what makes your brand you. I would first learn everything there is to be a model because if you aren’t going to learn the basics of style, color concept and put 100% in being the best you, it doesn’t matter how good you look, no one will want to work with a visual disaster from the neck down. That learned, time to create from the neck up. Look at the triangle area from the eyes to the lips. In Western cultures, the sexual dimorphic cues of coveted feminine traits are bigger eyes and fuller lips. That said, play with the look until you are uniquely and beautifully you.

Don't I Know You?Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Dotty *Exclusive for Love Donna Flora**

The next step to branding is to establish a presence. You’re being googled, flickr’d, facebooked and many other social media outlets by friends, co-workers, and potential customers (designers) so make sure your branded content is what people find when they Google your name. One way to do this is to build a basic online presence through your own website domain or blog and promote it inworld. Don’t forget to link all your social media outlets together. While search engines will pick up on your social media pages, having your own domain will produce a more finite result.

Garden PartyNecklace: Donna Flora, Vivian

Generate brand awareness (name recognition) through networking. You should be connecting with other models by using social networks and commenting on their blogs. I can’t stress this step enough, sure we are all busy people not just you, and no one’s going to follow you if you don’t follow them too. Networking is one of the best ways to become known in the industry. By forming relationships with people in your audience, you can grow your brand/name for the long-term.

Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window ~ F. Scott FitzgeraldJewelry: Donna Flora, Pasquale set

Remember the 3 Cs of branding. Clarity, consistency, constancy. Be clear in who you are and who you are not. The model who immediately comes to mind most often when I think of this step is Absinthe Resident. Her look is consistent, her style amazing, but if you are looking for a cute model to pull off flouncy pastel gowns, pass her by, it’s not part of her haute couture branding. Don’t sugar-coat your qualifications. Express your brand across all of your social media networks. Determine where you want to fit in (your niche area of expertise) and then remain visible to your target audience.

I.Hope.She'll.Be.A.Fool.Dress: Donna Flora, Joy . Handbag: Donna Flora . Headpiece: Donna Flora .

And sometimes most important, get feedback from those who know you best, designers, other models, and those friends who don’t balk at critiquing you. The true measure of your brand is the reputation others hold of you in their hearts and minds. Notice how they introduce you to others. Ask them what your top brand attributes and core strengths are. If they can easily tell you, then you’ve succeeded in branding you. If they have to hunt to come up with an adjective you probably need to sharpen your selling points as a model.

Time Stands StillEarring: Donna Flora, Vivian

Take from? Certainly, especially today since this is blog model related. The work involved in uncovering your brand may seem daunting, but your efforts can benefit you immeasurably. Your unique face/brand message differentiates the best you have to offer, gives a good indication of what you’re like to work with, and shows how you make things happen. And having this established early on in your career will increase your exposure and keep you as a sought after icon of Second Life fashion for many years to come. Thanks to Tania Tebaldi there is a list of the SLURL’s to the stores participating in the Love Donna Flora event! Link

13 thoughts on “Don’t I Know You?

  1. As always I love your work.. Your pictures rox my socks!! And your words had lots of meaning for me .. I learned something and I’ll put what I learned from you today to good use .. Also I’m heading to this event for miss Donna flora asap!!!

  2. So incredibly well done Cao…but then, you are always so truthful…a rare quality that takes courage and grace. Which brings me to some feed back of my own, for those building a brand; whatever field that may be. Attitude IS everything. In my experience as a PR for two major SL fashion designers, I cannot stress enough HOW you conduct yourself with EVERYONE is scrutinized and how it WILL make or break you.

    If a designer suddenly decides not to work with you anymore, the last thing you want to do is throw a fit and start to bombard them with messages about how hurt you are, how you have done so much for them, or worse…how you will ruin them (yes I have sadly been told this by more than one disgruntled blogger/model) etc. It is understandable that your ego may be injured, but put it aside and understand the decision most likely has nothing to do with you personally; they may have just decided to do something different and you no longer fit the image they are looking for for THEIR brand. Throwing a fit won’t get you the job back and could well hinder your own progress in promoting your brand/self.

    Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow for even the strongest spirit…but when we learn to detach our ego from it and choose the graceful practice of letting go and putting it behind you…you free yourself to focus on pursuing what is right for your own path. Practice the the more positive law of attraction and you will be amazed at what comes into your life.

    All the best <3<3

  3. I had not thought about one of the things you said until now, yes branding as a model is important, and yes you will get passed up by designers for how your brand yourself good or bad, but that does not mean at all that you are not a good model … for example Cao is so great but I as a designer even though I would love for her to work with me, or even blog something of mine… I don’t ask for many reasons #1 I don’t think I have anything she would want, I don’t think I make (yet) anything that would fit with her “brand” #2 I hear she is retired anyway #3 I am too shy lol .
    With that said many designers may not even know you are for hire, may not know anything about you, may not know how to go about finding models to hire other than hiring an agency….
    Cao is very right about everything she said and some great tips!
    Now if I could only get her to help me out lol
    Can I bribe you with chocolate ? ha ha ha

    1. 😀 Thank you Jessicaann! and Yes, I am retired so a little spotty at best for blogging designers exclusively. But I also don’t put myself at a caliber with the top models I named, I am just a Lil Cao and love my spot in Second Life. That said, I will send you the name of a few groups where you can advertise for models to blog your lines. But also, send me a LM to your store and I will pop in and grab some things to blog, if its acceptable to you that I blog mix and match of several designers at a time? It would be an honor to me to show some of your things here. ❤ Have a gorgeous weekend! If we aren't friends, friend me up so we can chat. If we are, I am truly sorry I forgot we were, I am soooOOooo incredibly forgetful.. :))

      1. LOL I am just as forgetful, yes we are friends but I don’t remember how that came to be and I am a bit shy about sending ppl a random IM, and I don’t know why but you do have my store in your last know SURLs if you have blogged something of mine I didn’t get to see it 😦 and now I would not mind a mixed blog, and I would love for you to send me a few groups. Please do say hi inworld when you have the time.

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