A Friend In Deed

A Friend In DeedLet show support for children with terminal illness, pull off those “wigs” and don your bandana July 28th 2013 on the final day of the 2013 Hair Fair benefitting Wigs for Kids

56,502L’s. When I asked my friends to pony up and give to Wigs for Kids, they not only opened their hearts, they opened their wallets. Wide. Take that person-whose-name-shall-not-be-uttered-on-my-blog-zita. You may think you stole my shape, but you will never steal the heart of Cao, she belongs to her Second Life friends. Hate will never win when you surround yourself with the love of friends. And to me, these friends are love and kindness and I will be forever grateful. They are, in no particular order (too lazy to alphabetize them):

Ava Jhamin
Caoimhe Lionheart
XiuLan Quan
Mila Tatham
Peep Sideshow
Draakje Dailey
SeleneLily Galicia-Firecaster
Alvina Fejui
FloraClayflower Beeswing
Basile Wheelwright
Karn Bracken

A Friend in Deed Wigs for Kids . Bandana: House of London, Tinnie Mouse . Love Donna Flora: Tee-shirt: .:Somnia:., Mew Tee . Shorts: {Mon Tissu}, Cuffed short dotted .

July 28th is the last day of Hair Fair and also Bandana Day. On the last day of the fair, it has been a tradition for many years for people to remove their hair and wear one of the bandanas being sold at the fair. Bandana booths can be found on all four sims for L$50 each. 100% of the proceeds from the bandanas will go to Wigs for Kids. I’ve picked up a few each year and I wear them often, not just on Bandana day. Some are kicky and cool others chic and divine, definitely something for everyone. So go check it out. Leave those hairs at home and come support a meaningful cause to boot!

Receipt for Wigs for Kids


9 thoughts on “A Friend In Deed

  1. That is so Awesome Cao, you have a heart of gold and it does not matter who does or says what against you. If you have a circle of friends the size of your circle then no one can truly touch you, because they would have to get through all of us first. Hugs and smooches Dollface ❤

  2. I am so grateful to have been a part of this endeavor. Thank you so much for making this opportunity possible….another outlet to raise awareness and funds for a truly worthy cause. You are that soft breeze that rustles the tall grass to release the butterflies.
    <3<3 ma petite vache

  3. That is a very impressive and generous total, Cao 🙂 I got an offline notification that my Cao has come home 😉 I’ll send you a little bit of Peep later today – so looking forward to our project!

    You are an amazing woman – I thank the blog gods that we met through this medium ♥

    1. Hey Moco! I hope you had fun! 😀 I am not sure the answer to this, you could ask Sasy Scarborough since she is in charge of Wigs for Kids in SL. I am so glad you are back, have a wonderful week! 😀

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