Breaking Good and Being There

Breaking Good and Being There Hair: Miamai, Anna . Jewelry: Donna Flora, Samara Watch, Alma Bracelet, Pasqualina necklace Earrings

I have to tell you, I’m actually not one to laugh at those in pain, but sometimes it’s just too funny not to. Last night a friend of mine walked into my recently cleaned sliding doors thinking they were open, the look of shock on her face was so priceless, I couldn’t help it, the laughter poured out of me. I know, what kind of friend am I anyway? But really, it’s so novel to me because usually I’m the one running into glass and falling on my arse. When I get this way, I know, it’s time. It’s time for another one of our “girl’s nights out.” We haven’t had one in a few months, which isn’t typical for us, we are at the minimum once a month subscribers to the club, but summer seems to have pulled us all in different directions, especially those with children out of school. Feeling the withdrawals, I rounded them all up and we are meeting tonight for dinner and… I like to keep these things open ended depending on all of our moods when we get there.

Breaking Good and Being ThereGown: Living Imagination, Shine of Hope for Love Donna Flora event

The one thing I know I will find? That we will overindulge in emotionally supportive behavior by generally validating the living chit out of each other. Halfway through the night the evening will turn into “a total rager,” with us sharing excessive amounts of admiration, empathy, and encouragement for one another. I’d expect no less tonight. We’ve always been a group of friends who listens hard, and consoles even harder. At some point late in the night we will grow a little tipsy, and get completely out of hand, respecting and valuing each other and by closing time, we will all be pretty sloppy with our affirmations, corroborating anything and everything that’s said.

Take from? Sure, everyone should have friends that will uplift you, support you passionately and watch your back. But the last time we went out, I woke up with a stiff neck I’d nodded in agreement so much, a hangover from drinking wine and a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. The bad feeling? Well that’s because I kept agreeing with one of my girlfriends that it was a good move and I was happy for her that she and her husband had decided to try and work things out. What was I thinking? That guys a real chit heel if there ever was one. The point? Sometimes it’s okay to express your concerns then step away and just offer moral support. Just because your friend see’s the guy as the best thing since sliced bread doesn’t mean you have to agree. If you turn out to be wrong, well good for your friend, if you turn out to be right, it sounds like a another good reason to have a Girls Night Out. Don’t forget Love Donna Flora is going on until August 11th! As for me? I’m taking a few days off, so I am out of here, you guys have fun and play nice, okay?

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