En Vogue

08012013Glasses: *+Crie Style+*, Kabuki . Earring: [Mandala], TefuTefu . Hair: Dura, Boy44

Yep still taking the weekend off, I set this up before I left. I hope everyone is having a low gravity Thursday and looking forward to Friday. Knowing me, I am probably recovering from Girls night out. Just wanted to show you .Shi has some new stuffs out that you probably will want to check out! As an aside, I have been thinking, I sold my shape for Wigs for Kids, Donna Flora, well that’s personal. Squinternet is a friend in need, who would I be not to give her the same? So for her I am putting me up for auction. I am giving someone 3 hours of my time. To shop, style, dance, chat, photograph, be photographed, I am selling myself to the highest bidder. If you want virtual sex, no, I am not offering that. Ever. Love is too spiritual to me to ever give away or sell. But if you want to help a friend in need, please bid. I ask that the bid start at 3,000 L’s, and I hope some of you will step up for such a worthy cause. Have fun and enjoy your friday eve eve. xo

08012013aVest: .Shi, Couveture . Skirt: Ison, pencil skirt . Watch: [Mandala], Hokusia . Bandeau: Drift

Send a NC, email, or FB chat to me and to Draakje Dailey, that way it won’t be lost.. Oh! And don’t tell a certain little dragon, but I’m not wearing knickers for once…. (she thinks that’s all I ever wear..and she is mostly right honestly) The SLURL’s are under my last known SLURL’s page. I’m kinda nice that way.

08012013b Jumper: .Shi, Drape jumper

Have a wonderful day! Xo

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