Being Here, Breathing Air

I didn’t even change my hair from yesterday I was so lazy on Wednesday. Bad bad Cao, but I am unrepentant, I love the hairs. Hair: Dura, Boy44 . Earrings: [Mandala], TefuTefu

I am so mellowed out I can’t even be arsed to worry about it being Date Night. But, I am going out with Jay and we pretty much have run through all the mishaps, so I’m not likely to crash and burn. Hopefully he won’t try to run me over this time. 😉 I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! This is the outfit Zanze is offering for the Love Donna Flora event. Hopefully you have all been there and bought a few things already. I know I’ve loved all I have seen. So if you get a chance, check it out!

08022013aDress: Zanze, Donna *FOR LOVE DONNA FLORA*, Shoos: BSD Design Studio, Serendipity

Not much else, just hope you are having fun, behaving, but missing me a little bit too. ❤

4 thoughts on “Being Here, Breathing Air

  1. That hair really suits you – no need to apologise for not changing it. I’ve been wearing the same hair from Wasabi Pills for three days…but I DID wash it 😉

    Jay? Ohhh….things are getting interesting! ❤

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