The Wind Whispering on the Tide

The Wind Whispering on the TideHair: Dura, Boy/girl45 **NEW** . Earring: Mandala, Senjyu

8000 L’s Has been bid on me for the Love Donna Flora event. Today is the last day to “buy” me, well for three hours of time and I’ve decided to match funds with the winner, so if the last bid is 8000, then I will give the 8000, plus my 8000 (16000L) to Love Donna Flora event tomorrow. I was kinda hoping some sugar-daddy would buy me and we’d spend the three hours buying me some shoo’s, but well, doesn’t look like THATS going to happen.. Drat it all… As some of you know, I write. I’ve even let a few critique me before, but I’m kind of stuck. At times I can write for days, weeks, hours, the words just spilling out of me, other times I could throw my head against a wall its so hard. I’ve been doing okay lately, I’m quite a bit in on the story, but when I go back and reread some of the stuff, I’ve the sneaky suspicion it’s all a load of crap. I am in a great deal of angst about writing in the first person, any thoughts? (Tocksin, Nightlake, anyone?) I am going to lay my heart on the ground and give you all the chance to stomp on it. Actually, just a simple it’s too heavy, its ok, or Cao it’s crap, will work. As a note, these writing’s cant be snitched or borrowed, I’ve already vaulted them, so they are mine, not that I think anyone would have use for them. But you guys are the smartest most creative people, I’d love to hear what you think. If you don’t want to pin it up here, you can hit me on FB or my email, . In advance, thank you so much for your time.

The Wind Whispering on the TideDress: Image Factory, Leather Dress zipped . Hat: Elysium, Audrey **Fashion Limited** . Jacket: E-Clipse, Kyoto . Shoos: Nardcotix, Mana .

We walk in a desultory manner along the beach, the huge pregnant moon making the evening seem more light than dark. The birds having long since nested for the night, our only music is the crescendo of the waves as they ebb and flow as if mating with the shore. Our hands entwined no words are needed, our hearts sing their own words as if passing the length of one lover’s arm up and through the heart of the other. The angels have come to watch us tonight, their appearance in the cascade of stars twinkling above, vying for our attention, but tonight they will have to wait. As if in mourning, one shutters away and falls as if to impale itself on the Earth.

Slowing our pace, you pull me close in a soft embrace and twirl me about as if we know how to dance but when you look deeply into my eyes, my world stops, you see the secrets I’ve hidden there. All the love, the knowing, it is written there for all to see should they choose to look. Caressing my face, you tug me to you and lick my lower lip, causing my breath to catch at the raspy feel of your tongue. The taste of a lover’s lips, more potent than the finest wine, I am intoxicated on the taste of you.

6 thoughts on “The Wind Whispering on the Tide

  1. Well I can’t really critique you Cao, you already have me addicted to your blog. You are adorable, quirky and sometimes very reflective. As for the little snippet of writing you leave today, I have but one question…………………………………….When is the rest of that book coming out ❤

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