And A Good Time Was Had By All..

And A Good Time Was Had By ALlIn my rush out of the house to go to the Basilique Performing Arts Company’s rendition of Romeo and Juliet, I completely forgot to write down the credits on these outfits.. Bad Cao.. Makeup is Baiastice, the Hairs: Vanity Hair

I put out a call, and my friends showed in force. I like that about my Second Life friends, they are always so supportive. I feel for Canary Beck, I think when she made the promise to match the tips received for todays performance of Romeo and Juliet and to donate them all to the Love Donna Flora event, she didn’t realize just how many wonderful and giving friends I have. I say it all the time, you guys are the rock I build the foundation of my Second Life on and you all rock, Anubis Darkwatch more than most, but hey, that’s just because he is a DJ extraordinaire. He will be spilling the tunes at 4PM SLT tonight at Zenzibar, so if you can, go wear the floor out! Tell him a Lil Cao sent you. As for the play, I LOVED it! I’ve never experienced such a thing in SL, and it was top notch, from the story line, the chat communication, scenes and music. There are only 4 performances left though, so if you get a chance, go see. I know if I can work it in, I will be back for an encore. The information on the play is here: So check it out!

And A Good Times Was Had By AllThis Dress is Image Factory . The Jacket: ::DeP:: store . The Purse: Baiastice . The necklaces (2): Chantkare . the Earrings(2 sets): [Mandala]

Love Donna Flora ends at midnight, don’t let it pass you by. I wanted to add here, my friend Morgane Batista has a new set of sequenced two pose, poses animation called “Quitte ou double Pose” set that are perfect for the runway! We already know her curtain poses are the best out there and on these, the sequences are spot on, the poses lovely and smooth shifting. Should I say Insert SQUEEEEAAALLLLL here? Omgoodness I wish she had made these back when I walked the runway, just think about it, no worrying for hours about which poses to do when, she took out the single most time consuming step in preparing for a show! Love her for it! It’s almost enough to make me runway again. um, maybe not. But in all ways, I’d reckon you should give it a gander. In fact I know you will love them so much, I even included the taxi for you! I’m a nice lil Cao like that.

12 thoughts on “And A Good Time Was Had By All..

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the performance Cao.

    You were part of a great audience, and I’m delighted we could do our part to raise a little money for the cause.

    1. Wonderful experience! And it was so grand to meet you in person. Next time I should remember not to show up in a runway shape. My actual “non ramanzita” shape is a whole 4 inches shorter. 😉 I wear the fake shape to shows now

      1. A whole four inches shorter! Wow! That still makes you twice as tall as I am 😉

        Fantastic to meet you too, Cao, and hopefully see you soon.

  2. Thank you so much for bringing over such an enthusiastic and generous crowd. It was easily one of the most inspiring shows yet – especially for cast and crew!

      1. Awww *cries* I really wanted to but I was feeling so icky the night before I didn’t even set my alarm 😦 And soup sounds yummy and oh so good for me…especially if it’s made by my lil Cao ❤

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