The Senses of Our Soul

I ran across a saying by C.Joybell C. on my friend Clix Renfew’s, Facebook page yesterday and it just kind of hit me in the gut. A part of it read “Our bodies have five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing. But not to be overlooked are the senses of our souls: intuition, peace, foresight, trust, empathy.” At times we tend to walk through life, not live it. We touch our child’s head, smell dinner as it cooks, see a TV show, taste breakfast, and perhaps half arsed hear a conversation we are participating in. I only half gest on the last one, when is the last time you actually listened to what your teenager, friend, coworker, lover, or spouse was saying? And don’t hate on me, I am guilty of it too. I think the problem with living life by the senses, is we forget to live to our full potential, to embrace with trust, or get messy with all that is about us and in the end, we are left feeling unhappy, desensitized, alienated, and despondent.

The Night is Darkening Around Me ~ Emily BronteI know, reblogged pic, but it somehow “fit” the topic so well, you will have to forgive me. Dress: Miamai, Rapt

The sad part is, within each of our souls we are blessed with the added senses of intuition, peace, foresight, trust and empathy. If we would only be still long enough to feel our way through life instead of clodding on, always looking only at the light at the end of the tunnel, we just might look back and say, “wow, I wouldn’t have done anything different.” Besides, that light? You will get there soon enough, in fact rumor is, most adults, the closer they get to the end, the more they want it just a little further away because there is still a pile of “what ifs” they forgot to face, to find peace with. Some may wonder why we would want to get in touch with the inner senses? It makes us all soft and mushy, feeling. I believe you’d want to because I go back to, “no man is an island.” You may want to believe living your life by your terms doesn’t affect anyone, but that’s not true and often, if we would just choose to live with a slower passion, awareness and have a little empathy and foresight we might be able to forego a lot of the pain we cause others.

Float.Away.Head “piece”: Tableau Vivant

The take from? You may think the pain you give others will go away. But in all honesty, embarrassment and dishonor are the only part of your actions against a person that will stay with them forever and it will rankle and fester. Physical pain, people don’t tend to remember, at least not for long, just ask any woman who’s given birth; humiliation though, they will. And humiliation changes a person, for better or for worse. It will either beat them down so that they stay down, pathetic but weirdly grateful to have their spirit killed and hopes ended because they are so tired of trying, or it will whip them into a froth of defiance, sending them skittering into realms of inner resource they didn’t know they had. Doesn’t this sound remarkably like a certain contentious person currently wreaking havoc in Second Life? (As much as I am appalled at her behavior, I am appalled in my own if I had some part in making her this way.) Besides in the end, when that light looms near, which do you want to be remembered by, as the person who just lived, a basic nobody really, or as the person who lived with peaceful empathy, who anointed those around them with laughter and light? Just a little high gravity for a Wednesday to make the slide into the weekend more enjoyable, take it for what it’s worth to you. Looky there, I even included the taxi to for you: Miamai: Taxi:

2 thoughts on “The Senses of Our Soul

  1. I had a day yesterday so filled with “What are you THINKING??” moments that I had to walk away from the computer, take several deep breaths and clean the hell out of my bathroom to keep from flying off at the keyboard. My intuition was telling me that several friends are making huge mistakes. I still feel that way, but I have decided to let them follow their own.

    Thank you for this post; were you reading my mind, knowing I needed to read this? ♥

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