Procol Harum

Procol HarumHairs: Boon, YNO 421 . Earrings: Donna Flora, Brenda .

Getting my blog up quickly because I am off to the doctor’s for a little pre-op stuffs, but I have a question I want to throw out here. Recently Second Life updated their viewer, we were all required to update. I did so and when I log in, I am still gray. I even went so far as to remove Second Life completely and reinstall with the new viewer. When I log in, or every time I change clothes, and think about how often I change clothes, especially when I am trying on random things for a style, I go gray again. I have to go into “edit shape” a couple of times to make it go away, but next time I put something new on, I am back to gray. Again. I use the Second Life viewer because my laptop doesn’t work well with the Phoenix Firestorm viewers. Has any one else had issues with the new viewer and how did you resolve them? Help me, please, pretty please?

Procol HarumShirt: -tb-, Sequined Top **Collabor88** . Skirt: Gizza, tutu . Bracelet/ring: Donna Flora, Alma .

Take from? sure! Procol Harum is loosely translated to “beyond these things” and today, as we wake up and worry about all the little nuisances in our lives, lets take a moment to be still, breathe, and think a little bit about those who do not have all the blessings we have. Those with battered souls and bodies, battling terminal illnesses or emotionally bruised and neglected. And after we take this moment, don’t forget to open your eyes, look around and hold those close to you in a little kinder regard. It’s easy to get bogged down with life, to dwell on the little irritating habits of friends and family. But with a faithful heart, it’s possible to let go of those things that harm you, to have empathy for the problems of others, and a byproduct of your kindess is to feel fulfilled by life. Have a wonderful weekend!

Procol HarumShoos: [Gos], Paris Peep Toe *NEW**

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  1. Someone in Firestorm viewer was having the same problem Cao since tuesday. This is what they suggested….try Prefs>Graphics>Rendering and disable http textures then relog. She is on a lappy as well. Hope this helps

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