Creating Style from Within

Creating Style From Within Hat: *Lode*, Magnoli . Hairs: Truth, Elaine . Earrings: Indy & Co. Suha Stones . Necklaces: Indy & Co, Ibiza & Heirloom .

At some point, you have to let go and just do it. Put away all your notions of “style” and just listen to that inner muse. Will you be drop-dead gorgeous to all those you meet? No probably not, but then you might not be if you shop off the rack either. But what you will be is uniquely YOU. I seldom follow anything other than the most basic of style rules, mostly the rules of color, but even then, sometimes I am just a shade short of Harper’s Bazaar, but what it get’s me is my own eccentricities and Cao-isms. Just like in real life, especially in real life, it is okay to define you, so defy rules, create creatively, and blaze your own trail. It truly is okay.

Creating Style From Within Dress: Liv Glam . K Collection, Mirror Dress (found at The 24) . Jacket: Tee*fy, Faux Fur **Collabor88**. Shoos: [Gos] Peep Toe . Bag: Xiomara, Kid Leather purse .

That said, it’s the weekend and I am dying to go outdoors and live! I hope you enjoy your weekend and those loved ones all about you. As for me, I might just act wild today and actually invite some friends over for the beach, foods and cocktails. As for the killer cocktail dress? That’s Liv-Glam, of course! Looky there, I even included the taxi for you: Taxi:

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