WallflowerHair: Miamai, Degarda . Jewelry: [Mandala], Pearl Rain .

It would seem we most often hurt those closest to us. I suppose more often than not, I do the hurting not the receiving, but well, today was an exception. Where am I going with this? Heck if I know, just thought I’d put it up here and see how it settles on my shoulders. As an aside, I was honored to judge this newest round of MVW academy 105 students and it was a lot of fun. Some of you still need a little bit of experience, mostly in choosing poses, but for the most part, I was very much impressed with all that I saw so kudos to you all! So my advice to you students, and potential students. MVW academy is not the end of the road. If you graduate, or if you do not, don’t set back on your laurels, or don’t quit if you don’t pass, if a virtual model is what you want to be, MVWA will not make or break you, it enhances you. So study, practice, network and learn from others, help, volunteer and advocate for those less fortunate.

WallflowerDress: *SoliDea FoliEs* Kiki (w. the white and black shoulder piece) **NEW**

A majority of what you do from this day forward is trial and error, so get rid of the mistakes, learn but do not dwell on them, let them go, we have all, well if not others, I have personally made all those errors myself, it happens. If I had chosen to quit, or live daily with my errors instead of turning them into the amusements I commonly talk about, I never would have traveled beyond a beginning model. I know at times this seems overwhelming, but it will become easier. Just always remember, when it does become easier, pay it forward to other new models because no one becomes rich modeling, but the experience and the friendships are what you will remember most fondly about your times in the virtual modeling world. Well, that’s my two cents worth on it. All SLURL’s are on my “last known SLURL’s” page to the left of this post. Have a wonderful weekend, because Monday will be here soon enough.

WallflowerShoos: BSD Design Studio, SuperModel *found at The 24* (yummy!)

8 thoughts on “Wallflower

      1. My bubby, K, has the moosles. If we need those, I’ll call him in! I, on the other hand, have a quick mind and fast typing skillz. I’ve found I can usually handle most problems with those 😉

  1. Drop dead dress on an equally drop dead model; with impeccable styling. Wonderfully sage advice for those aspiring to rise to the top. <3<3

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