Stop the World I Want to Get Off.

Stop the World I Want to Get Off.Hairs: Dura, B/G47 **NEW** . Earrings/Necklace: [Mandala], Noodle/Amida .

January 8, 1991. Jeremy Wade Delle. Had he lived, Jeremy would be thirty-eight years old now. Jeremy Wade Delle, the sixteen year old teenager who was so despondent with life he walked out of his classroom, came back with a .357 revolver, stood in the front of the class, said “I got what I really went for” and shot himself in the head. Jeremy Wade Delle, whose obituary encompassed one small paragraph, nestled neatly, quietly, in the interior pages of the newspaper. He died as he had lived, a quiet little nobody who was an easy target to pick on. I wonder if he had realized his “revenge” would be so soundly disregarded, would his outcome be the same? I wonder if someone, just one someone had picked up that paper and talked openly about it, shared it with the world, spread the word, would we be in this current crisis? Bullying is a serious problem that leads to many negative effects for victims, including suicide. Too many adults wrongly see bullying as “just part of being a kid,” a rite of passage if you will. According to the CDC, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people. For every “successful” suicide there are at least 100 attempts and those bully victims, like Jeremy Wade Delle? Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University.

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This blog post, it isn’t written to any specific someone, not a person of a specific age, ethnicity, gender, race, socio-economic status, or religion, it is written to you, just you, as a plea to every single human being. It’s time to stop the madness of this epidemic. When did teaching children kindness and compassion get swept under the rug? When did we choose to deny our child is a bully instead of trying to figure out why and to help them? Contrary to popular misconceptions, bullies generally have friends and a high self-esteem. They are, however, more likely to be impulsive, or easily frustrated, and lack empathy for others. Us. Them. It sucks to be the “them,” doesn’t it? God forbid my child is a “them” I raised him/her better, he or she is a leader, the most intelligent, popular kid in school. It’s this socio-hierarchal power, privileged mentality children are taught. Us. Them. Harboring and teaching exclusivity, superiority and taking it out on the person who got your order wrong at Burger King. What’s the cost of this mentality? A few victims of bullying were; Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, John Lennon and Steven Spielberg. Just to name a small few. Now think about all the potential inventions and creativity that never made it to adulthood. Us. Them. Shame on Us.

Stop the World I Want to Get Off.The 24 . Suit: Snowpaws, Peplum suit .

Take from? Bullying is not normal behavior or just part of growing up. Bullying is not a harmless problem that we can erase after another child is sacrificed. Eddy Vedder on this Pearl Jam video says it all when he wrote “Jeremy.” And as for me, I will not rest until the day Jeremy Wade Delle, Ryan Halligan, Megan Meier, Amanda Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons and countless others have a voice. I may be a quiet nobody, but for them, with them, I will have a voice. If it’s your child or teen who is acting like a bully, quit the denial and get them help, because bullying can have a negative impact, not only on the victim, but also on the bully and the school or community, ‘ell, on the world. Because in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.” I just wanted to put up something a little high gravity to think about as we slide into the weekend. If you want to find out how you too can help, take a ride on the link following:

9 thoughts on “Stop the World I Want to Get Off.

  1. You’re *not* a nobody, Cao. You speak out for what you believe in. And I believe you are a voice for victims who cannot speak for themselves.

    Many parents don’t want to believe their own child could be a bully, but there are countless others who do their best to prevent this behaviour. My hat is off to those who work tirelessly to prevent their children from becoming monsters. The ones who take an active part in their child’s development, nurture them, yet still discipline them, who don’t simply plonk them in front of a television or Playstation to while away their lives. Who encourage them to channel their energy into something positive – music, athletics, academics – whatever is their passion. Who step in when their child is caught out at school and work actively with their educators to try to mold their offspring into caring, productive members of society. Who won’t look the other way when their son or daughter misbehaves and takes responsibility for their actions. And do their very best to teach their children what is right and wrong.

    Head into the weekend knowing you have enlightened your many readers and given them something to think about. And that Jeremy Wade Delle and hundreds of others like him are not forgotten. ❤

    1. you are so right Peep, its amazing how many parents let their little ones command the roost. shameful! I hope to “see” you soon, I have a little bit of closet stalking to do where you are concerned. 😉

  2. You are certainly not a nobody Cao, you bring people to your blog with your fabulous stylings, your profound messages as well as the little quirky Cao ones. Bulling is a real problem and sometimes we need a little dose of reality to get off our collective asses and spread a message. To do a little is better than to do nothing at all. One of the things I love about you is your many layers, the happy ones, the sad ones and even the serious ones. A nobody does not have so many layers..But we need to take the initiative and remind people of statistics on occasion and maybe they will in turn recognize a situation that they can bring a positive change to.

    1. :***** thank you Spirit, I’ve missed you! I hope you are well ❤ I like to call it "just one" If we can all help just one person, think about how much better the world would be. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. another one of those mornings where i know exactly why i come here with my cup of tea and read your blog. you may be ‘lil Cao 🙂 but your heart, your mind, your compassion is anything but ‘lil. i love how you so strongly and unwaveringly put your voice out there about things that matter. have a fabulous weekend my gorgeous friend! <333

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