Old Soul

Old SoulJacket: Sonatta Morales, *8*, Goldrose . Necklace: Mandala, Pearl Rain . Earrings: Mandala, Pine Cone .

I’ve often been told I have a very “old soul.” I didn’t think really hard about it, but by the time the third or fourth person made the comment I began to wonder why. I’m not truly sure still, but I reckon it’s due to a couple of factors. I have always been bookish, even in very young childhood but I am more so now, if possible. So I’ve learned a bit about human nature, nurture, and an insane amount of minute facts that tend to have no reward but to clutter my brain (or make me quite clever at the show Jeopardy). As an introvert, I spend a great deal of time watching and thinking, preferring this past time to actually speaking to people. Don’t get me wrong, I love, I absolutely adore, people. We are all so colorful, beautiful, smart, silly, cagey, grouchy, happy, sad, under-educated, over educated, homebody, busybody, well-travelled and not so much and so many other techno-colors of uniqueness. I adore you all because under this unique exterior we all share so many qualities; kindness, anger, meanness, hope, no hope, most of all the urge to be loved. But when it comes to life, I prefer my place sitting on the bench watching and listening to interactions to being the center of activity. Having lived my entire life with this quietness seems to give a person a predisposition to listening to the little voice within, the visceral intuition we are all born with, but some choose to ignore. So perhaps these are the qualities of an “old soul.” If not, I’d love to hear what you think.

Old SoulHair: KMadd, Ava . Pant: Glam Affair, Lou . Boot: [sYs], Divine .

But it’s so late, the day has past me by somehow. So the take from? Yeah, it’s time. Wouldn’t the world be such a wonderful place if we all realized that under it all, we are all the same? We want food, shelter, clothing, well I do anyway, mama buy me some Jimmy Choos! We breathe air, bleed when cut, have hopes and dreams, some of which are stomped on and shattered by others. We stress, get tired and sick and dimes to donuts we’ve probably all loved and lost someone because no one is an island. No one is invincible, we all have moments to stand tall, usually cross referenced by the moments that we fall. But we are all here, why not embrace the good of those around you and forgive them their “bad?” Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all learned people isn’t singular, it’s plural. And that guy next to you that you don’t like very much? Well he’s people too. Sonatta Morales has floors and floors of the coolest vintage wear around, if you get a chance, check it out, I know you will love it! See? I like you so much, I even included the taxi: Taxi:

10 thoughts on “Old Soul

  1. Hey Beautiful, I just caught up again on today’s as well as yesterdays blog. There are a lot of insightful musings there as there usually are when coming from Cao. I did not have time to respond but I am going to re-read it tomorrow. Hope everything is going well for you, moms and the Dr lol. Hugs


    1. I’ve missed you Spirit, I am glad you’ve been out and about instead of mulling over my silly wanderings. Thanks always for your support and all’s well on the mum and Dr Taylor front. (too well I think at times) 😀 Big kiss!

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