Actually, I Can.

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Life, it’s a real pain in the arse sometimes. Growing up I was always a quiet gawky kid. So bookishly timid there wasn’t much going my way I suppose, and we quiet gawky ones? No one expects much from us, so we pretty much stay out of harm’s way in the “when daddy comes home you’re gonna be in big trouble” category. But the sad part about being that quiet, shy kid? No one really ever asks you what you want out of life. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they let you pick the flavors of ice cream you want, or where to go eat on your birthday, but the day to day decisions like what TV show you want to see, they all assume you will just follow in with their wishes. You know the kind of people we are, we are the ones who grow up to be “regular Joes” and “regular Joettes.” Those people who will live their entire life, working, having families, obeying laws, my friend Rob Goldstein calls us “people who grow up to be citizens.” You know the type; we work hard, help our elders and serve others before serving ourselves. Not much pomp and circumstance surrounds us, by golly. But that’s okay, because we accept our lot in life.

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Or do we? Certainly there are times I wish I had spoken up more for myself, there were things I’d have rather seen or done or not left undone because someone said it was time to go. Just once I’d like to be the pick of the litter, the favored child. Just once. Or maybe twice, now that I think about it, I am human. At this point in my life, as an adult, I oft wonder if in reality, even though I will always be a citizen, I find it a moniker to be lauded, do I have to be a “regular Joette?” You would think yes, but every fiber of my being screams an absolute no. And I won’t settle on this one, I won’t allow anyone to make this decision for me. Uta Hagen once wrote, “Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary,” and I soundly agree. Being Joette is easy, it’s expected actually, your parents and adult supervisors have been training you for the position your entire life. Being Caoimhe, or Rob, or Peep, or any one of my number of friends, that is our ultimate destiny. Why follow when you can create your own destiny? We can be the catalyst for positive change; we just have to make the decision for ourselves. Go forth and do.

The take from? Don’t become a non-committing pacifist in your own life, because that life? It’s yours and the only one you are going to get. The person whose advice you keep following? They get to put their feet, and their nose, wherever they want on their own destiny. And when you have those moments of niggling self-doubt accompanied by the resonating sound of their voices in your ear whispering “I told you so”, remember, even if you make a mistake along the way (we all do, it’s inevitable), you will never be termed a failure unless you become satisfied with calling yourself one. Just something to think about on this soft slide into the weekend.

12 thoughts on “Actually, I Can.

  1. Your voice of encouragement always makes a difference in my life. I know that if you’re touching one soul, you have to be touching many. And yes, you can. I believe in you. Without sounding too overzealous, you’re one of my favorite people, one of the greatest motivators in my life and I just love you.

    1. If I am easing, touching just one soul Caryn, I am happy. Life is always just a little easier when we walk together a spell, not guiding, just letting it be. hehe and you are a good and faved people too! Love you back. 😀

  2. You are so far beyond and “regular Joe” it’s laughable! Just because you may be quiet at times and maybe you don’t get to pick the television show, but by sitting back and observing your insights have created the lovely woman you are. And your shared insights are so appreciated – not just by the readers of your blog, but I am sure, of all the people whose lives you have touched.

    Enjoy your weekend, my Cao…feel the sun on your face, the sand between your toes and the freedom of your spirit ♥

    1. PEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP You so crazy, not your average Joette citizen! One of these weekends I am going to travel on Aussie time so we can hang out properly. And I have a funny datenight story to tell you… Maybe I can blog it tomorrow. 😀 Huge hug, Big kiss, a cheeky smile and a Happy Friday to you! (um, Saturday?) ugh! Happy day!

      1. Oh, do tell! It’s been a while since we had a good date night story 😀 And there’s always email if you don’t feel like blogging 😉

        Yes, it’s my Saturday and since I live in the future I can tell you yours will be a lovely day ❤

  3. Anyone that can put thoughts into sentences and paragraphs like you is anything but regular. I often wish I had the words and capability to do that, as I have said on many occasions. Your words have the power to stir emotions, to cause us to reflect on who we are and the choices we make. You are one of the reasons I check my notices everyday. I am like lets see what little Cao has to say today. We often have to step outside our own lives to grow as people. We all have gifts we can share with others and maybe enrich a life just a bit. Being the one that does not stand out is not always the worst anyway, it is the quiet reflective souls such as yourself that we learn the most from. You could have been like me as a child. I was the only girl out of six and had two brothers that had a birthday the same week as mine, so we had to celebrate all of them the same day. How special is that….not very lol.

    My day is always brighter when you share part of yours. You regular, I don’t think so. Unique, quiet, reflective,giving and extraordinary that is the Cao I have come to know and love. Sometimes we share the same thoughts and life’s lessons, but damn you pen them so much better:-) Hugs to you always my Friend and Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Spirit, who you calling irregular? 😀 You my friend, have fast become a rock, a foundation, a mainstay, a piece of my heart and I just adore you so. Half the reason I blog regular is so you will peek in and say something to me. I look forward to our short “chat” because you fill me with peace. I know if you comment, all is right in the world. Big hugs and a blessed week to you and also to Ava. ❤

  4. If regular Joes speak out and express differences, others will call them ‘arrogant’. This is because they have made the mistake of submissiveness all their lives. But, it is always better to come out of the shell and lead your life the way you want it. A thoughtful post, Cao

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