Hustling Karma in a Crazool World

today1Hat/Hairs: Exile::, Falling for You **Collabor88** . Earrings: [Mandala], Senjyu .

I am a little off kilter these days, and just a touch behind. I hate days like this, the work–life balance long since out the window, and the Second Life creating over-work for the first one. A few weeks ago a dear friend accidentally sent me a Trojan virus. I haven’t done anything about it, there isn’t really anything of import on my computer, I save the current draft of my book elsewhere, my pictures I put on a USB drive, so it was just laziness that kept me from correcting the issue. Lately though, it’s become a pain, confusing my anti-virus software, turning off my firewall, and telling me constantly I need to reboot, so today I dragged my laptop to work so while I work I can reformat the hard drive and reload the programs I use regularly. Sitting here griping and glowering it occurred to me I may not be acting right and perhaps a great deal of what’s wrong lately is I need to fix my karma because to experience good and valuable things in this world I must first cultivate good and valuable things within myself and all this moody self-centeredness isn’t overly conducive to a life enjoyed. What you encounter in life depends on the way you “are.” And frankly, I “are” a mess lately.

Hustling Karma in a Crazool WorldJacket: Ison, Oversize Wool Coat **Collabor88** . Shorts: Ison, Pleated Short **Collabor88** . Shirt: Tee*fy, Basic Tuck tank . Bag: Mon Tissu, Straw bag . Shoos: Redgrave, British loafers .

To move forward I decided to think about the things that have made me fall a little astray, little Cao-ism’s for the Road to a Life Gone Good, if you will. My first step? I need to re-access and let go of my ego’s need to be right. Come on, at some time or another, we all do it. The next time you’re in an argument, ask yourself: Do I want to be right or be happy? When you choose the joyous, loving, spiritual mode, your connection to intention is strengthened. I mean, think about it, will being right in this particular argument even seem important to you a year from now? Most of the time, probably not, you probably won’t even remember you had an argument. Wouldn’t it behoove you then to choose happiness over rightness? I don’t know about you, but I kinda like happy, happy myself.

today2Ladder and Leaves: What Next? . Pose: .slouch

But the best part about being a genuinely friendly and helpful person over being an argumentative one? Loving, caring creative and generous people encounter many other loving, caring, creative and generous people. And when you make that first step to let go, you’re the one who starts the ball rolling, you can choose the direction you want to go. Live your highest values, consistently and without compromise, and by your very example you’ll spread those good values far and wide. I call it surrounding yourself with brilliance, and having the friends I have, both here and in my real life, I know it works. You guys are incredible!

Take from? Yep, it’s here. Don’t waste your time complaining about someone else’s questionable behavior. It’s their world too and they own their own karma. Make the choice to overwhelm their negative behavior with your own sincerely positive behavior. Because what we sow, we reap. What we seek to do, well it comes back to us. Our dignity is measured not by our past, but by our present activities. So me? I am going to do good, and feel good and sit on back and receive the abundance of good. Well something like that anyway. It’s always spiritually healthy to have positive habits anyway. At least that’s my take on it. Have a wonderful day! Oh, yes, the good. I liked Collabor88 so much, I even included the taxi for you. Taxi: All other SLurls are to the left under the Last Known Slurls tab. How’s that for nice and handy?

15 thoughts on “Hustling Karma in a Crazool World

  1. Fabulous styling…that outfit is right up my alley.

    Great commentary on perpetuating the atmosphere you want to surround yourself with.

    Two things I always try to remember when I go to my dark “I must be right” mindset:

    Where your thoughts go, so your life flows
    Right now I choose to (insert positive life choice selection here).

    Sometimes I forget those two things and go to my dark place just the same…but it doesn’t take long for me to get that thonk upside the head when I start whining about whatever perceived woe I may be choosing to experience.

    Oh…and keeping a healthy distance from negative Nellies and emo vamps…helps a WHOLE bunch in keeping balance for that positive breathing space.

    Thanks for the Karma bump 😛
    ❤ ❤

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