Me, Dr Ben and a Family Tree

09132013aHair/Hat: Tableau Vivant, Bean Hair **Collabor88** . Bracelet: LaGyo, Valma **Collabor88*.

It’s the weekend, I’d like to say I’m happy. No wait. Back up. It’s the weekend, man am I ever happy. How did life ever become about living for the weekend? Shouldn’t we balance the fun over every day of the week? I’ve gotten to the slow, steady point where I actually look forward to Friday night “date night.” Who’d have ever thought someone as date dysfunctional as me could ever look at a Friday night with anything other than dread? But here it is, Friday night. I’m even going to wear the little black cocktail sans Spanx. *Gasp* I know, I hope my mum doesn’t hear about this, she is the one who set me up with him, remember? She’d probably shudder at the thought I’d show anyone anything but perfect makeup, hair, and style and then she’d pack me right up and whisk me three states away to Ms. Parms Finishing School for Young Ladies. But I don’t blame her for her worry too much, it’s not her, it’s her generation.

09132013 Backpack: Deco, Ursala Pack **Collabor88**

Can you imagine being married and thinking you always have to look glamorous from the moment you awaken to the moment you sleep so your spouse doesn’t get rid of you? I can’t imagine why any sane woman would have married herself into that servitude a’tall. I can’t figure out why my mother still does. Not why she doesn’t get a divorce, I mean why she doesn’t just let go a little bit. It’s the millennium, you live in unglamorous Florida, the place where jorts (jean shorts) were invented, for crying out loud. She wouldn’t dream of facing my father in the morning without her makeup creamed on to perfection. You think I’m kidding? Heck, I can make up quite some dandy’s but even I can make this up. If you don’t believe me, look at the last pic on this blog, it’s an actual copy of a list of the traits of a good wife as found in the May 1955 issue of Housekeeping Monthly magazine.

09132013cPants/Boot: [Leezu!], Yukatan Pants **NEW** . Top: [Leezu!], Deklannche top **NEW** (HINT: perfect to mix and match a style to make it uniquely you!)

Take from? Sure there is. For as much as we constantly bemoan what a tragedy society is these days, perhaps every once in a while we should step back and see some of the positives too. Did you know when the Mary Tyler Moore show first aired it was conceived as shocking that a single woman would live alone and choose a career over a man and children? But worse, it was feared people would consider her to be, YIKES! divorced because she was previously seen on the Dick Van Dyke show as his wife? I, for one, am glad, thankful really, that I can date a partner who knows the real me, spanx-less, makeup-less, and sometimes not even filled with much niceness. Isn’t it wonderful to have the option to love and be loved by someone who “gets” you, not who you live a life of servitude to and out of gratitude they are loyal to you? As for me? It’s Friday night, another date night. And that last circled item below, “know your place?” yep, I know mine, it’s right here where my feet are. Life is Good. I wish each of you the very same, a Good Life. If you get a chance, check out Leezu! I know you will like what you find there, I always do. Taxi:


9 thoughts on “Me, Dr Ben and a Family Tree

  1. Are you sure that list didn’t come from a Gorean novel??? I shook my head and laughed. Yes, it was a different time, but “offer to take his shoes off?” “Don’t complain if he stays out all night????” I may be an old-fashioned girl, but I have to draw the line at being allowed a 15 minute rest for “his” good!

    Have a fabulous weekend, you Spanx-less rebel, you! ♥

    1. isn’t it hilarious? Cracks me up, I am glad someone, a special someone, but at least one someone read that crap. hahaha don’t be angry is he stays out all night? huh? whose going to complain about that? I’m going to get even. 😉 Love you and you do the same! ❤

  2. “Be a little gay and a little more interesting.” LOL. That list is hysterical – and long. Good lordy. It’s like a college entrance exam or something. I wonder is there’s a list for underachievers like me. Hm… Oh, have fun on the date. I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous. Now, I’m going to Google “jorts” 🙂

    1. I know. Right? I failed the entrance exam from rule number 2!! Look at the urban dictionary definition 3 about Florida and Georgia. Little did the guy know but the Levi short became the next big thing at the time. 😉

  3. Rule 2 is so silly! My mom (divorced and lives alone) never even takes garbage out without make up. Me, I prance around au naturelle all the time, I can’t even remember last time I actually wore make up, I think for a wedding a bit more than a year ago. I used to wear make up always, too, but when I moved to Spain, the humidity in the summer made it look crappy really quickly, so I just stopped using it. 😀

  4. Actually some women get off on that role. They feel satisfaction and pleasure taking extra good care of their mate and family … they wake up and look gorgeous every morning more to feel good about himself than for doing it for the husband. If living that way makes feel happy, worthwhile and fulfilled then I say go for it 😀 It doesn’t make them less of a woman anymore that it make other women who don’t live that way less of a woman.

    1. Yes true. And perhaps I didn’t express it well enough. I love to “take care of my man” too. I would do that out of love. But even those women at least one day of their life won’t feel well enough to do it and will take the day off. My point wasn’t that its all about me and what I want. To see the real point you have to read the list at the bottom from the article. Thanks Osprey! Have a gorgeous weekend!

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