All the Glam

champagne1Gown: Champagne, Tresor for BOSL Fashion Week . Hairs: Vanity Hair, Fantastic Girl . Poses: Floresence .

I couldn’t let date night go by without showing you this scrumptious gown from my friend Enzo Champagne of Champagne Sparkling Fashion. It’s currently being sold as part of BOSL’s Fashion Week. Thank goodness I’m not wearing this tonight for date night! I don’t think I could hide my spanx because it is cut all… the… way… down… to… there… I like gowns like this, so sexy and when your man puts his hand at the small of the back you feel the warmth of the skin to skin contact.

All the GlamShoos: GoS, Grace mirror . Pose: Miamai .

But as for me, I’m going casual tonight. I’m going out with Dr. Ben, his sister and her hoosband. It kinda makes things tricky because I hear it’s bad manners to spork another womans man. I sure hope he chews with his mouth closed. Tomorrow I’m going to play with my 6 year old pirate friend Helen on Wheels, if we’re lucky perhaps we’ll find some more buried “treasure.” I hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend with family, friends and lots of laughs and love. Wish me luck, because I just might leave work early again, there’s a big world out there waiting for me.<3

12 thoughts on “All the Glam

  1. Well aren’t you Beautiful and Smexy. I love Blue and it is truly stunning the way you are wearing it. I know casual leaves you more places to hide your spork, and I am sure you will be on your best behavior. Your plans with Helen on wheels tomorrow sounds like more fun then dinner with your possible future in-laws though lol. You have a Blessed weekend Lil Cao…I will be sending positive thoughts your way.

  2. Yes I think so too. And now that I actually see the hairs you were speaking of, before I couldn’t and thought it was an updo I wore. This one I think more brigitte bardeau. :)) I wish I had a cut like this. 😀 thanks again Nightlake!

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