Belief in a Disingenuous World

Belief in an DisingenuousJewelry: Violator, Chained **NEW** . Hairs: Boon, HUH031 **NEW** . Lips: Blackliquid, Blood gloss .

I spent a little time away this weekend. A local private college has their first football team in quite a number of years, so Saturday we packed up a vehicle and headed over there to tailgate and watch them play ball. It was a load of fun. They weren’t very good though, but then it was a team of mostly 18 and 19 year olds, with a league that has no athletic scholarships, so you pretty much get what you “pay for” at this level. Where most people in the world have wonderful changing colors of leaves, my autumn has always been marked by the returning pattern of a progression of different colored football jerseys. I absolutely love it; the splendorous array of color from week to week is a majestic wonder for my summer weary eyes. But I digress.

Belief in an DisingenuousGown: Romance Couture, Centauri .

We were watching THIS team of young men on this weekend. The other team, who obviously has been playing for many years together, outshone the team we rooted for on both offense and defense and quite soon they moved the score higher and higher out of the local college’s reach. The local players didn’t quit though, every time they had the ball they dug down deep to try and score, every time they were on defense, they tried heartily to keep the opponent from scoring. But by the 3rd quarter, the score 53 to zero, being worn out, perhaps a little bored and dreaming of being home in time to watch MY team play (University of Florida), I told my companion I thought I was ready to leave now.

Take from? Yes. Here it is. When we were leaving, we could hear over the speakers, a series of plays, and as we reached our car in the parking lot, the local college finally scored. And I thought to myself, that is just how life is supposed to be. When other’s give up on you and walk away, don’t give up on yourself. Keep trying. Good only comes if you continue to fight, because it shouldn’t matter what others believe of you, the only important thing in life, is what you believe of yourself. Well that’s just my thought on it anyway. I hope your weekend was quite simply, perfection.

Feeling so smooth, I even included the taxi for you!
Romance Couture:

19 thoughts on “Belief in a Disingenuous World

    1. SQUUUUUEAAAAAA!!! I saw me a Landa inworld, I saw me a Landa inworld!! Thats like running into a royal! You were and are gorgie girl. OH! and thanks for the chicken recipe! See thats how you know you are an “old” model, you go to runway shows and exchange recipes. 😉 <33

      1. Hahahahaha OMG Cao you are absolutely adorable ! It was FAN-TAS-TIC to run into you today. Plus to me Mila really can do no wrong. I soooo enjoyed it.
        Let me know how the recipe turned out. I just ate mine mmmmmmm !!!!! was famished … like a good model !!! hahahahaha

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