Transcending Fears

Transcending Fears Dress: Leezu!, Metropolis Dress **NEW** . Pose: Manifeste **NEW** .

Face it, to most of us the world is a rather scary place. And when you spend the day putting yourself out there it can be a downright nightmare. I snitched the saying to the right, “The Rules for Being Amazing” from a friends Facebook (and obviously they snitched it from the original writer Robin Sharma). The only regret I have about the quote is the use of the word “amazing.” As many of you know, I simply adore words, I’d roll around in them like a dog were I able to. That said, my one pet peeve is the use of buzzwords and phrases. They are bandied about and shatter so fast, unless your Mr. Webster himself it’s difficult to say which words are in fashion or out of date at any given moment. Remember “think outside the box” and “dude”? How about “totally”? I see that one on a lot of 1980s movies. I catch myself still using those on occasion, I hear they are verbal miscues to intelligent conversation. The thing is, like most things in life, these stock phrases and buzzwords tend to become nonsense through over repetition. Amazing, such a solid sturdy word, through over use has now also been discarded, which on it’s own kind of ages the quote by Robin Sharma. So if we discard the title and think of Mr. Sharma’s quote as the Key to a Purpose-filled celebrated life it will work nicely into this blog post because there are a couple of key segments I want to look at.

Transcending FearsHair: D!va, Kalli2 . Shoos: [Gos], Sophia Peeptoe

“Risk more than is required. Learn more than is normal. Be strong. Show courage. Breathe. Excel.” Easy enough if we tamp down on being scared of failure or what others may think of us, grow a backbone and most of all follow through with our intended goal. Sure we may fail, but have you ever thought about what the state of our technology would be if Leonardo DaVinci had a fear of flying? Sure, it was another four hundred and thirteen years before the Wright Brothers first flight, but way back in 1490 that kernal of hope was planted. I wonder if Davinci ever imagined walking in the skies upon the moon, do you think it was probably an unfathomable dream? Heck, to be honest, I had to pinch myself every time I watched a space shuttle taking off from the cape. But I digress, where the first part of the quote is preparing your future, I liken the second half as the implementation of the greatness that is you. “Love. Lead. Speak your truth. Live your values. Laugh. Cry. Innovate. Simplify. Adore mastery. Release mediocrity. Aim for genius. Stay humble. Be kinder than is needed. Exude passion. Shatter your limits. Transcend your fears. Inspire others by your bigness. Dream big but start small. Act now. Don’t stop. Change the world.”

Wow. Why do we settle for mediocrity anyway, is settling for enough really enough to sustain a lifetime? I hope not. Live with all of your emotions, love, laugh at the good, cry at the bad but never ever give up on whatever your dream is. And don’t settle, please don’t settle. For example, anyone can dream, I am going to go out and get a job, but why settle for “a job?” Figure out what you are passionate about and do it. Just do it. Realistically. Anyone could say, I am going to be CEO of the world, but is it realistic? I certainly hope not, who needs that many little generals running around? The one in my office is more than enough. But we can adopt the life mission statement “I am going to innovate, adore mastery while ridding myself of mediocrity, aim for genius (and accepting at times I may fall short), transcend all these fears that plague me, the ones whispering in my ear I can’t do this, inspire others with my actions, start with baby steps knowing I will gain momentum as I near my goal and one day, just maybe the positive impact, my living footprint through life will have substance and appeal. Perhaps one day I will change something, just one important something of this world.”

Take from? yes. I get it, life is hard, but everyone has ideas. Take your ideas and find some univeral appeal to them, figure out how you can contribute and do so. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be the next Apple product, it can be something small, so small it is taken for granted even though no one has yet made it. I reckon it’s like this, it’s figured the wheel was invented around 8000 BC. We landed on the moon in 1969. But ironically, the first portable ice cooler with wheels didn’t come about until 1994, 9,994 years after the wheel was invented. So simple, yet quite innovative. Heck, I wish I’d a thought of it 50 years ago. But then, besides not being born yet, I probably didn’t know the “Rules of Being Amazing” back then. Just a few random thoughts for you budding geniuses out there.

18 thoughts on “Transcending Fears

  1. I love that you chose to use the color red for the styling. Red is a primary color full of fire, power, energy, and excitement…it stimulates the senses with passion and drive. The perfect compliment to your post and my absolute favorite color!

    As a child, the people who stimulated my primary curiosity, empowered my precociousness, and helped me light my own fire within…were everyday human beings who lived their own extraordinary life. Extraordinary because they nurtured what made them a unique individual…warts and all…full of love and a passion for life. They never achieved notoriety, fame or global greatness…but their courage to fully embrace their own humanity and live that life with conviction…is what made them memorable and left a positive, indelible mark on the spirit of a child. To me, that makes a life rich beyond measure.

    The fire in a life lived with authenticity and passion carries on in all the little candles lit along the way.

    Thanks for lighting our candles little Cao. ❤ ❤

    1. I love red as well, my fave color, tho I rarely wear it in RL. curious and curiouser. And you are so right, a persons footprint need now impact the world, one can find riches from making the life of another a better life as well. Thanks darling friend ❤

  2. you look “AMAZING” hehe, just kidding. you actually look smolderingly Sexy. Red is your color. Loved your post today, but not feeling like a genius at all now:-)
    Anyway I often think the same way as you on so many topics it just boggles my mind ,but I don’t have to say it ever because you say it so much better. Love you girlie, just letting you know I stopped by ❤

    1. lol you look amazing too Dahling! I’m so glad you took a peek in, I was missing you! Keep your side of Florida anchored to the bay and I’ll work on holding down my side! Love you too, have a wonderful evening enjoying this weather. \o/ ❤

  3. You’re like a modern day prophet. I often think in terms of history, and how we look back at a decade or maybe the last 100 years, and then identify the important things out of the midst of all the inconsequential. I don’t see anything you’ve ever done as inconsequential. There’s a Christian song my son sings sometimes, he’s a music ministry major getting his Masters in something I don’t even know how to spell!.. but I digress. The song is, “I Want To Be a Man That You Can Write About…” It goes on to say, “A thousand years from, you can’t live without…” How many words do you or I or anyone say that will be here in 1 year or 10 or 100? I don’t know. I do know that every single thing I’ve ever seen you write anywhere shows quality, respect, hope, honesty and integrity. If anyone were to find someone to write about from our “NOW” they would be wise if they chose to view you.

    1. as you already know, this made me cry, those are shoos I could never hope to even partially fill. But thank you. Your son sounds so wonderful, you must be a very proud mum. 😀 ❤

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