Waiting for Godot

Waiting for GodotHair: Lelutka, Sato **NEW** . Hat: [Ink], Beret .

I was going to blog something else today, changing my mind somehow seems right anyway, because I am feeling a little like Estragon and Vladimir of “Waiting for Godot.” Godot is a play about a pair of vagrant men and their efforts to divert themselves while waiting for the arrival of a man named Godot. Throughout the play the two occupy the time by philosophizing, sleeping, arguing, singing, and even at one point consider suicide, they will do anything “to hold the terrible silence at bay”. I am a little out of sorts today and have to wander away for a little bit, plenty of doctor appointments next week so I’ll probably be away more than normal here, spending time with family and friends, going out with the posse tonight. But when thinking on this next few days, I wonder, will you wait for me? Or will you all wander off as well? To other friends, or family or significant “others”?

Waiting for GodotShirt(s): La Penderie de Nicole ❤ , My Wrinkled Suede Tank **Avenue** & My Jack Flag Tank **NEW** . Pants: Drift (another ❤ friend), Bangin Britches **New** . Backpack: : Pesca:, Canvas Leather Bag .

I hope you will wander far and wide, find peace and joy and share all you find with at least one someone. What good is peace and joy if we horde it? While I am away, please forgive those who anger you, hug those you love, say “hallo” and smile like you mean it at strangers, hold someone’s hand, laugh and play. And the selfish part of me wants to say, and think about me just a little bit.

Take from? Somewhere along the way, I left Cao, no that’s not right, Cao left quiet, shy, awkward me behind. To me, she belongs to every single avatar in SL because she is pieces and parts of so many people. You have all taken a part in raising her to the person she is today and I hope on occasion she at the least brought you a smile. Cao is kind of my blessing and my curse because she and I are an oxymoron of sorts, me anti-social, her a gad about funster, but we live with one another in peaceful acceptance. (and thankfully I don’t hear her voice in my head… yet) 😉 So while I am away, take care of each other and love like Cao would. Have a wonderful weekend!

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