Say You’ll Haunt Me

Say You'll Haunt Me

I wish you all a wonderfully fun weekend! I’ll be thinking about you and missing you!

Say You'll Haunt me


Hat: Glam Affair, My Little Studded Black cap **Collarbor88*
Collar: .Shi, TSade Body Cuff **Collabor88**
Gown: Boudoir ❤ Black Dragon
Eye Makeup: +Nuuna+, Kati
Poses: (for Ms Bella) .slouch (by them all)

11 thoughts on “Say You’ll Haunt Me

    1. Speaking of haunting.. a day does not go by that i do not sit here mute and worry for my highly educated friend getting married.. 😦 i can not comprehend what in my world i can not understand. Just know my heart is with you. Find your happiness. Even if it is what is established for you.

      1. Awwh this is so sweet of you to think about me like that ! I love you…and don’t be sad for me , I know things will get better 🙂 I just need your side and your care just like you do now ! Hugs xx

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