Looking Beyond

Looking BeyondHair: Tuty’s, Adorable . Earrings: Indy & Co, Maelle .

At points in our life we find ourselves in untenable situations and all before us looks bleak. Perhaps someone is acting mean and degrading, perhaps we find our self in a situation we fear we can’t get out of. I was speaking with a 24 year old friend yesterday and he said how he wished he could do high school over again because he was a bit of a hellion at the time. I didn’t really know what to say, I don’t think I made a sound all during those years. But after thinking about it, I do know. At times you will meet people who will make you feel small and inadequate, just remember, the problem is them, not you and it is very likely their purpose in your life is merely to show you how NOT to act. And to my friend specifically? We all rebel at some point in our lives, even if,as is my case, it is just internally. The purpose for having these pivotal moments in our lives is it gives us the chance to grow, to become better and to leave the chapter behind as we look forward to the good we will do in our lives. Dwelling on the bad pulls your focus backwards, look forward to the man you are becoming, because admitting you behaved abysmally and forgiving yourself for it is a huge step towards self-acceptance and happiness.

Looking BeyondDress: Elysium, Miss Petra Couture **NEW** . Leggins: *SoliDea FoliEs* .

This couture dress from Luca Boucher of Elysium Skins and Apparel is based on a real world Gaultier’s Fall 2013 line (http://www.vogue.com/fashion-week/fall-2013-couture/jean-paul-gaultier/review/). There is such a three dimensional feel to it I had to show it in a couple of poses.I’ve been on a bit of a black kick lately, but rest assured the outfit comes with color change. If you are looking for a dress that will have you ahead of the game, look no further because this is simply divine. I like it so much, I even included the taxi for you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zenshi%20south%20two/129/59/1933


12 thoughts on “Looking Beyond

  1. I have forgiven myself for a LOT over the years, but I fear there is still more to forgive. But I look at it this way: if I’m not constantly re-evaluating my life, how will I ever find peace and acceptance?

    ❤ my lil Cao for another early morning life lesson 🙂

    1. lawdy mercy Peep, betwixt the two of us we probably have an entire silo full of regrets and life lessons! But Woot! weren’t they (mostly) a blast at the time? I think it better to end with epic fail than to have not experienced lifes moments a’tall. 😀

  2. Not even going to tell you how very, very bad your Sweet friend Spirit was. No way no how, but I will tell you this, we do learn and grow from our past but only those of us that choose too. I chose to, I evolved and became a caring giving individual and I am damn proud of myself for the effort. If I could go back and change things….well I can’t so no point even going there lol. Move ahead, be a good person…No wait, be a great person. The past is just that, there are no do-overs so best to keep your eyes heart and head moving forward. Love the look today Dollface ❤

    1. I cant imagine you bad ever, and if you were it was a gift because now you are one of the most bighearted calmest smartest people i know. Looking forward facing with me Spirit. Lots of love and sunshine to you xo

  3. I was a bit wild in high school which is why I am so boring now, I could never do high school again the thought of homework gives me a rash but I agree with the point that it is important to learn and then move on 🙂

  4. If we don’t make use of our formative years, we regret a lot afterwards..but, we are too young to know it then..we live and learn..wonderful message and outfit

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