Missing Parts and Love-filled Hearts

Missing Parts and Love-filled HeartsBlindfold: 22769, OBI Blindfold **L’Accessoires** . Headpiece: ~Soedara~, Shaman Enchantress .

I can’t help but admit there were a few times the past few days I felt like such a fraud. I don’t think it was my intention, it’s just how I ended up feeling, I suppose. I am really not one for dramatic scenes of fancy, or strife, nor am I overly public about real life health issues, my only excuse, I was scared, so please forgive me. I’ve just had my first surgery and a few body parts missing, a little residual pain, some emotional moments left to face, but I can honestly say I am ready to begin to put it all behind me. The fear stemmed from a past blood clot, but it seems even surgeons these days know how to work around such simple things and I know my doctor, she is the stuff of genius and came recommended by a certain Dr. Ben, so it would seem it was all what I notch up to a lack of faith on my part. But, well, you all know me by now, having faith is always something I am a little clumsy about. The point? As a whole, I don’t regret saying goodbye, because on the off chance something DID happen, I at least covered my bases and tried to let each of you know how deeply I feel for you, you are my family, my virtual family, my real friends. But if I scared or worried you needlessly, I am sorry from the very pit of my soul, right there at the mushy sloppy place where my heart laps over my soul making me who I am.

Missing Parts and Love-filled HeartsEarrings: Kungler’s Extra, Paradiso **L’Accessoires** . Necklace: Modern Couture, Moca **L’Accessoires** . crown: Aesthetica, Emotive Crown of Golde Genizara **L’Accessoires** .

We all inhabit this world as a gift, to ourselves, to our family and to other people, how we choose to share this gift is our calling. I think my blessing in this is each of you that took a moment to express love, hope, well wishes and just about every other kind of comment their could be that would encourage me (even if it was just get yer arse out of bed and get back quick), you all made me think about getting up when I didn’t want to, move around when it hurt and to push forward in the hopes that soon I will fill up to putting effort into my blog again. I don’t think such speed in trying to get through this would have been possible if I hadn’t been motivated to feel the words of you all splashing across my monitor, filling up my heart. I am not quite 100%, so if you see me inworld, I may not answer for a few days, just know, it’s not you, it’s me. I need a little more time, I am a little tired, a lot sore, and just trying to deal with the now permanent changes to my life. I will be back 100%, I could think of no place I would rather be than with you, so this time, I ask please have faith, I am here, I am trying and I miss you all, so so much!

Missing Parts and Love-filled HeartsOutfit: Countdown, Kate . Bag: E-Clipse, Astralia Baguette **L’Accessoires** .

Take from? Yep. You all taught me something while I was away. You all taught me that love comes in all sizes and shapes, with no boundaries betwixt physical and virtuality, the main ingredient? A deep concern and caring for your fellow man. Imagine what we can do in a world where we care for others, hold them when they are in pain, or in celebration, or to just help them to believe what they can’t see right in front of their own faces. I hope to be back really soon! Continue to share and love and laugh, I may not always respond, but know, I am watching and laughing with you. Just a little note, new round of L’accessoires and look at all the really amazingly cool stuff I picked up today! I hope you will go and have some fun too! I had so much fun, I even included the taxi for you! Nice, nice Cao! Taxi:

19 thoughts on “Missing Parts and Love-filled Hearts

  1. Cao I’m so relieved your okay, I was worried sick for you. Please give yourself time to heal before you dive back in to RL and your busy busy world.
    Big gentle hugs.

  2. And…..she’s BACK! I had no doubt you would be, however I do understand your worry and concern. I don’t consider your farewell over-dramatic – just Cao crossing her i’s and dotting her t’s 😉

    ❤ my lil Cao. SO glad to see you writing again 🙂

  3. “YAY” my lil Cao has returned, and more beautiful than ever. I was very worried for you and even though we do not know the details, I for one was glad you did the Goodbye Blog just in-case. I knew you were having a surgery and without that blog, had something bad actually happened to you I would not have known right away. Trust me that would have been worse, plus I would have to start stalking Drakke and relentlessly at that until she told me. So however you took your time, I am happy you are back. Now get some rest ❤

  4. Ma petite Cao … do not apologize for loving us enough to let us know what was going on. That took a lot of courage on your part and it showed you respected us enough to not leave us wondering in case something had actually happened.

    I feel I love you with all my heart and soul and I am so blessed to have you as one of my friends. So very happy that you are back !!!

    BTW I missed your writing and thought of you often.

  5. Saying goodbye should be done more, for many reasons, you never know when your time is up and how many times do we tell people out of the blue we love them as a human being ? people should tell people more how they feel :). There is nothing wrong with telling others about your fears, worries etc… you cant keep them bottled up inside it is not healthy. Sometimes it is good to vent. I am very glad so see surgery did not take a turn for the worse. Not being the same physically as you where in the past is always hard to deal with. The main thing is, is that you are alive and you can be with people you love to be with, nothing else matters. You touch so many other people (more than you will ever know) and that is more important then any body part you are now without. I personally care more about you then I do about if you are missing a body part … apparently whatever that body part was …wasn’t doing you any good any longer. And I know you will find a way to come to terms with it and be a better, stronger person in the long run for it .. maybe not right now and thats ok too … ❤ & lots of hugs

  6. Dear Cao, so glad to see you back but…as a RN please take time to mend, you should not be hopping all over the grid shopping 🙂 Seriously though, take your meds as ordered and rest. I sure did miss reading your posts but I can wait until you are recovered. Now go back to bed and be a good patient:) Hugs ❤

  7. Welcome back Cao! with cheery hearts, warm hugs and welly wishes, and a side order of faith boosting prayers for your road to complete healing!

    and yeah, taking meds on time.. such a chore, Cougar! (runs)

  8. Aw… geez. I can totally relate to the surgery thing. It is really traumatic in unexpected ways – at least, for me. Hugs. I just randomly clicked on this older blog. The irony is palpable. Happy New Year!

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