A Voice

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Last week I admitted I was feeling “depressed” after my surgery and that I needed to dust off my big girl knickers and get over myself. I almost didn’t hit publish, but I went with the thought my readers would know that what I was actually feeling was perhaps a little post-surgery “blues” not an out and out depression. One of my friends rightly called me on it because there is a huge difference betwixt depression and out of whack, or lack of hormones. I would never make minimum the draining, all encompassing affects of depression. I will admit, if you are feeling it, I can honestly say I have been in that place too, it’s a beast. Somehow I think depression probably hits introverts and creatives more often than extroverts because we spend most of our days trying to “fit” in this extroverted world and that in itself can be draining. The business industry may crank out the saying “there is no “I” in team,” but I’d actually counter that, if they would let me, with “there is no WE in true creativity.”

A VoiceJewelry: Donna Flora, Moira . Shoos: Miamai, JackieO’s wedges .

So somewhere amongst this team are the “I’s.” Those people who don’t quite think like the team, never quite “fit in.” The square pegs perpetually trying to squeeze themselves into the round hole. These days it’s tough to be that square peg, isn’t it? You’re not alone though, okay? If you are sad or depressed, don’t wait, you are NOT alone, seek help. There are so many ways you can be helped, even if it’s just talking to someone who can understand. But if you are just tired of not fitting in, don’t think you have to go it alone either. Sure, extroverts are okay, but you know what? So are we introverts, there is nothing wrong with us, there is something wrong with this hyped up world we live in.

The take from? I get it, asking for help is embarrassing. Lately we all seem more comfortable being plugged in here than out there in the oxygenated sunshine. For the “non-fitters” I wanted to let you know about an online place that is set up to help while attached here too. It’s called http://www.OK2TALK.org . It’s a site created specifically to uplift, to share, to give a voice to the millions who suffer quietly because they feel different. OK2TALK isn’t about mental health issues, if you or someone you know, needs immediate help for depression please call 1-800-273-TALK. But if you want to hang out in an open, safe environment to express yourself in a no judgment zone, check it out. I hope you are glad you did.

11 thoughts on “A Voice

  1. Totally what Xiu said. Thank you for this awesome post. This past few weeks I have been really tired of trying to fit in. It really helps to know that there are ppl out there feeling the same. ♥

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