The Dark Spaces in Betwixt

The Dark Places in BetwixtHair: Tuty’s, wet . Hat: Zibska, Oriel **NEW** . Earrings: Lagyo, Marcelle .

Those pesky dark spaces deep within our soul, we all run into them at one point or another in our lives. The question is, do you turn a light on to try and pin-point what causes them or do you tend to ride them out, not wishing to disturb the dust and debris hidden in those crevices? For me, it’s a double edged sword. In real life, you probably couldn’t get me near a psychologist’s couch to talk about feelings, or to lead a group conversation at a cocktail party for that matter. Well, that’s not actually true, I suppose you could a few cocktails in. But let’s put it this way, in real life I do more deflecting than a solar panel stuck high up on a skyscraper in Manhattan. Not surprising really, introverts seldom let those around them know about themselves, they are more likely to want to know about the people who choose to allow them in their lives. I suppose it’s sort of like, why in the world are you here, speaking to me? Don’t get me wrong, we do let those closest to us know us, it just takes time. Oddly enough though, if you put the dark space of a monitor between an introvert and their community, they tend to freely give even the most minute details about themselves. Social media affords us the control we lack in real life socializing.

The Dark Places in BetwixtChestpiece: Zibska, Oriel **NEW** . Skirt: Zibska, Courte **NEW** . Leggins: Maitreya, Couture leggings . Gloves: Mimikri, mixed white & Black .

While at University of Florida, some classes I took had on average several hundred students in them, I would have been mortified if I had to raise my hand to ask a question. Yes, me, the person who freely gives up so much frightfully personal information on this blog. Heck I reckon one only has to recall the blog where I lost the B.O.B. to reach the import of that statement, achingly personal (sorry mom, it happens). The point? Social media. Social media has a way of connecting people, of course extroverts included, but it also gives introverts a way to lead as well and by connecting people, imagine the deep spiritual impact we could have if we tried, just tried, to what? Change something wrong with the world perhaps? Advocate for those in need? Make change for the better? Don’t believe me? One need only look at the good work (yes, similar to all things there is bad there too) of Craigslist. After Hurricane Katrina, Craigslist helped stranded families find homes. Sure, small scale by any count, but that’s what the Internet is founded on, isn’t it? Endless possibilities. No longer is the world “too big,” or the known data “too small.” We just need a few people to sit behind the dark space, define the scope of the problem, assemble the masses with the use of a social media platform and come up with a feasible solution. I don’t know about you, but I am thinking life is good. I sure want it to be at least.

The Dark Places in Betwixt

Take from? Sure, don’t hide behind your introverted persona, love who you are and know you can still lead. If you have a goal, learn a way to utilize the tools around you to achieve it. Strong, quiet leadership is just as powerful as brash extroverted leadership. Why? Because many in the trenches will identify with you. Sometimes when you reach those dark quiet spots in your soul, perhaps it’s just time to reflect and make sound decisions. The rest is just the davil of the details.

19 thoughts on “The Dark Spaces in Betwixt

  1. My gorgeous Cao…it’s so hard for me to believe you are an introvert, but then, I know you through social media. I guess it would be as hard to believe that I am, as well. It just goes to show that heart friends will find a way 🙂 ❤

  2. I truly love the styling of these photos they are so great, sort of perfect. I’ll throw my proverbial hat into the ring and say that I am an extrovert who has recently realised that it’s introverts who now run the world….Matt Mullenweg, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, steve Chen…

    1. YAY!!! See? Extrovert’s read my blog too! \o/ But you are right, the people you mention fit right into the dark space theory, excellent leadership skills in a quiet, virtual capacity. It’s not to say these people are only virtual, but it would be fair to say the balance is probably scaled to the introvert side. Now if we can just get the business world to figure it out too. 😉

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