Smoke, Mirrors and Emotional Physics

Smoke and Mirrors and Emotional PhysicsBoth of the outfits were styled around this gorgeous new Hairs: *Dura*, GIRL51 **NEW** .

I have a friend who is going through a lot right now. I can’t say I know anything about the story; I don’t follow gossip, especially Second Life gossip, preferring to live under a rock. I do know something about real life though, having lived it. I do know, if you ever acted like less than the best person you were born to be, (heck I reckon we’ve all been a little less than saintly at times, I know I have) but, when you reach those moments of exact opposite suspension, those moments when you ARE at the highest pinnacles of the good of your life, the forces of your past will try to bring you back down. It’s a sort of an emotional physics; we seldom think we deserve the blessings bestowed upon us. I liken it to a recovered alcoholic who at weaker moments still thirsts for just one more dose of alcohol. I suppose we all rise above ourselves and grow, it’s called becoming an adult, the trick is to not let who you used to be make you walk away from who you’ve become. Regression is seldom a good thing and typically those you surround yourself with don’t particularly like to ride on that roller coaster of life.

Smoke and Mirrors and Emotional PhysicsOutfit: Fellini Couture, Feline . Boots: BAX, Foxy boots . POSE: Inflorescence, ❤

The point is if the static that is making you want to regress is from the periphery of those around you, change your view, because it’s the people who don’t really know you who criticize the loudest. Why? They aren’t invested in your outcome. Or even in the steps you’ve taken through the chapters of your life, they don’t have a clue how hard it was for you to get from way back there, to right exactly here. The sad part is, we all have “haters” and “trolls” who in their self-proclaimed “in our best interests” create noise to try and steal our attention from our goals, the trick is to remain focused and not let them stop you from having an incredible life story. Because your story? Is written by YOUR hands and includes both the bad and the good, the bad forged you into the good you will become, and your story is your only permanent legacy for the future. Money, yeah that stuff comes and goes, even the wealthiest at times lose it all, but the emotional fingerprints you have placed on the people you meet in your lifetime, the way you emotionally touch people, and they in turn touch others? These are the deep rooted seeds of the soul that endure within our friends, lovers, families, countries and future for generations to come.

Smoke and Mirrors and Emotional PhysicsOutfit: Fellini Couture, LouLou . Boots: BAX, Regency . Scarf: Maitreya, Voluminous scarf .

Take from? Don’t for a single day of your life believe, “you are born, you live, and you die” because it’s simply not true. You may leave no tangible legacy, but it is the intangible that leaves impact on the world. Even the angriest of souls is remembered, even if it is just in curses. Our lives are based on growth, heck personal growth is the beauty found in life. How lucky we are! We, as humans can reason, assimilate, reflect, and evolve. When moments of your past return to whisper your inadequacies, turn from them and look at the new world you have created, the love and beauty that surrounds you and realize, that chapter has past, you are working on the bountiful goodness that will be your future, the gift of kindness you will imprint on the generations that will follow you. Life is indeed good. As for me? I am just happy it’s the weekend.

25 thoughts on “Smoke, Mirrors and Emotional Physics

      1. true… I can’t recall who is in the lead at this point. 😀 But really, it’s not my fault. Who would think most establishments around where I live seems to frown on sporking during dinner.

  1. What a beautiful look for you today Cao. You look like a movie star from days gone by. I don’t know who you are speaking of (well maybe I have an idea) but I do know what you are speaking of. Trying to evolve from past mistakes and regrets is extremely hard work. Going backwards should not be and option and quitting most assuredly isn’t. A person has to stand and fight sometime, as you say some do not want to take that roller coaster ride. We should learn and grow from the past, no ones was perfect and above all we must be honest, not only with ourselves but with others as well. It is my philosophy that if you never lie, then you can never be trapped by lies. It does not matter what others say about you, if it is negative and harms your careful balance then choose to walk away from that…Not from a life you work so hard to obtain. Stand and fight, you worked for it, you earned it. Just my little take from what you put so glowingly into well formed sentences and paragraphs. Typo central here, and I don’t get my point across nearly so well, But I know you get me..Sometimes that is enough. Great Big hugs and enjoy your weekend Doll-face

    1. I hope that Cao doesn’t mind if I respond to your post, but I was very moved by what you wrote. Your thoughts beautifully echo and compliment Cao’s thoughtful prose.
      Lovely ❤ ❤

      1. hahaha made me snort my coffee Spirit! You are too modest though, your work is excellent and you know I lean to you for advice because your words sooth me when needed and stand me up straight when I need that too. ❤

      2. Spirit…your reply made me chuckle. If you wrote your post with a bird…it was surely a Lark…because your prose sang high and sweet.
        ❤ ❤

    2. Hollywood starlet is just what I thought of when I put this hairs on Spirit. It’s not often I try to build an outfit around hairs, but that’s what I did here. The outfit the “after thought.” I think Chiaki Xue of Dura released it with perfect timing too. All I could think about were MVW’s in formal attire, Christmas parties and posh cocktail parties. Tis the Season! Very true your points to, at the end of the day our truthfulness in dealing with others is our calling card, I would rather be known as a person who is honest than a person who lies and schemes to meet an end. Huggy, mooches to you too beautiful! ❤

  2. Little one…
    I read this post earlier and, because of news I received a few short days ago, it took my breath away; your timing is uncanny. I am a very private person, but I am also a very outspoken person…which has led many people to assume they know more about me than they could ever possibly know. I have also had my most ungracious moments, when interacting with others…it has taught me so many lessons.

    Grace is a gift we first give oneself when we forgive ourselves for going to that place that does not reflect the best of who we are. Grace is the courage it takes to stand up and own our actions, and do the right thing…whether it is to apologize or just to acknowledge and own our behavior…then move on. There is no moving on if we don’t own our dark moments…they just continue to reside in the recessed shadows of our consciousness as unresolved, unhealed painful moments. Grace is that moment when you honor the spirit of that other person by acknowledging your actions or words…it sets you both free.

    Something happened a few years ago, in SL, where I did not act kindly toward another person…the situation went unresolved and my actions haunted me…I never found the courage to stand up, reach out and acknowledge my ungracious actions. A few days ago, a very close friend informed me the person I had acted so unkindly toward had passed away three weeks ago. My heart sank…I missed the chance to do the right thing…and she will never know that I actually held her in high esteem and respect for her amazing achievements and hard work in SL. A difficult, but valuable, life lesson…find the courage to do the right thing; before it is too late.

    I know this is yet another long response and you are right…I should take this to my own blog…but thank you for writing this post and giving me the opportunity to stand up, do the right thing and acknowledge my ungracious moments. Hopefully it resonates with someone else to move beyond the fear that keeps us from the courage of owning every part of who we are…dark and light…and living in grace.

    Thank you for all you do and for giving us a space to be able to explore what lies beneath the surface…where all things worth exploring reside.

    ❤ ❤

    1. You know some of what I feel on this since I emailed you last night, but I want to say, your input is always a valuable resource here. I look forward to your comments and often think of you as I write these blogs. You and Spirit are the rocks I build my foundation on. I am sorry you were unable to meet resolution with this friend but I think more than likely she will have seen the changes of positive within you and perhaps had long forgotten, or at least forgiven any transgression. We all have “ungracious” moments in time, but I think it is safe to say if grace overpowers ungracious then your life is traveling in the right direction. We can’t help petty moments at some point, we are humans affected by our environment. I myself find myself being childish sometimes. (often, I bet) and dimes to donuts it’s those moments when fatigue is setting in and I resort to toddler like behavior. I’ve even once said to Taylor, “But I don’t want to go to bed, I’m not tired” just to try to get a laugh out of him and let him know, that I realize I am acting irrational and to please forgive me. That has now become our code sentence for lets shelf this right now because the time isn’t right. My point? (yes there is one buried in there somewhere) I think, in some way, realizing you are acting ungracious and admitting it, even if only to yourself, is the right path to forgiveness. Thank you Xiu, for you.

      1. Thank you for the lovely emails last night…and thank you for providing such an amazing place for people to enjoy fashion, laughter, swimming the depths and high gravity fusion. Your blog is like reading a good book…you never want it to end and you can’t put it down…forget about walking away from it…you just can’t.

        Oh, and what a lovely compliment to be put in league with such a soul as Spirit…

        ❤ ❤

      1. awww! ty ❤ Your blog always makes me smile, laugh & sometimes cry..I wish I could put thoughts into words as easily/well as you do.

    1. I know Moco, lol me too. I went their to style something completely different for a style challenge and ended up buying 3 outfits. YOUCH! I can’t afford this much longer. Happy weekend, dear friend!

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