Innocence and Ignorance

Ignorance and InnocenceHair: Vanity Hair, Pixivor **NEW** .

I was talking to my friend Logan McMahn yesterday trying to figure out a location for a blog shoot. If you don’t know him, check out his flickr, he really is an amazing photographer and if you ever want to have some pics done, check him out. But I digress, I was going from SIM to SIM trying to figure out what to do so I tossed him an inworld snap of the outfit and he suggested the SIM Roche. I’ve shot there before, absolutely love the SIM, so I popped over there. As I moved through windlights, my “vision” of the look completely changed. I saw this sweater from The Men’s Dept. (event) on a guy friend’s blog and knew immediately I wanted to blog it. As you know, I know no boundaries as far as menswear to women’s wear, loving them both and the thought “boyfriend’s sweater” hit me right from the start. But when I applied it to Roche, it affected me a different way.

Ignorance and InnocenceSweater/Shirt: ::GB::, Shirt and Cardigan **The Men’s Dept.** . Short: Overhigh, Leather short .
I am not only a bookish sort, I happen to love old movies as well. I don’t know why, no one in my family is particularly attached to TV’s or movies, these days the most I watch are crime thrillers and cop shows (no idea where that comes from), but I suppose my love of old movies is drawn from my love of classic literature. Three of my faves of all time? Citizen Kane, The Great Gatsby (1974 ver.), and Wuthering Heights (1992 ver.). Though on another front, I adore anything Audrey Hepburn, but for story itself, these three hold true. I’ve always wondered why they seem to move me, figuring they fit something I was going through at the time in my life I viewed them, but flicking through those windlights I realized it may be a little more visceral and close to home that. I think it all boils down to the strong leads and their quest. For Citizen Kane, his “rosebud”, Jay Gatsby’s green light at the end of the dock and Heathcliff’s beloved Catherine. All three seemed to have an obsession, a quest for these items but I think it wasn’t the items themselves, more the symbol of what these items represented to them in their lives. Rosebud was Citizen Kane’s sled from childhood, the green light Gatsby’s belief that the American dream was attainable by all, and Catherine, Heathcliff’s desire for the dream of the love of his youth. Like many of us do, we attach feelings to “things” and then we strive to obtain them because they represent the security, hope and innocence of our childhood.

Ignorance and Innocence

Take from? I know, I know I talk about this a lot. Last week I mentioned to see innocence one just needs to watch a child as they look at the ocean. But right now in my life, it is like a big Titanic forging toward Crescent Beach with no brakes because for the first time I’ve the sinking suspicion I can spend my life reaching for this happier innocence but will never truly regain it. The question is though, like my counterparts, will I spend my life searching in vain? Or do I accept its loss and create a new definition of innocent security and hope?

11 thoughts on “Innocence and Ignorance

  1. Ohhhhh…the shots are stunning and I love, love love the “look” to the location and windlights…lovely work. I’ve said it before, but I’m not shy about saying it again…I absolutely adore how you so masterfully weave the composition of your photos into your prose. A feast for the eyes and soul. ❤ ❤

    1. Goodness…some of my post oddly didn’t show up. The first sentence should have read “love, love, love the “look”…from the styling of the clothing to the location and windlights”.

      Must have been a hiccup in my typonese translator. 😛

      1. 😉 must be on your end bc on mine it is correct. ” the shots are stunning and I love, love love the “look” to the location and windlights” Crazy virtual world.

  2. My dear Cao, I believe it is only in the searching that we find those things. Not so much in the act of “found” but in the act of searching do we allow ourselves to be open again, free.
    Much love and light.

  3. Sighs…I’ll bring the popcorn if you supply the tissues. I think you and I could have a good ole cry curling up on the sofa watching these movies. Not surprisingly, they’re favourites of mine, too ❤

      1. Omgoodness girl. Bring it home… as an aside i ran into your beloved Rawr today at Trompe and tried to say ‘allo, but i think she was focused on shop til u drop. So please tell ‘er Cao says “toodles” 😀

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