Paper, Love and Imagined Dragons

eccentric Gothic Photo by Asia Rae ❤ and property of Style Kingdom. I won the first challenge (and 2000L's!) for my styling "Eccentric Gothic", the best part? I created the entire style from items I already had in inventory (Lots of Leezu!, Miamai, and Boudoir).

I am a model for an awesome magazine called “Style Kingdom.” They are one of the few inworld magazines that pays their models for being in the mag and to keep their product leading edge they like to keep their models up to date with current fashion trends by challenging us to style competitions. If I could do just one thing in SL, it would be style challenges. I simply LOVE them, I always have. If you look at my original portfolio of work, most everything I was doing had some sort of fantasy to it (lots of elfs, angels, moths and butterflys) because to me, that is the beauty of Second Life. Being able to create magically whimsical worlds unobtainable in real life.

Paper, Love and Imagined Dragons

Though I am sure I am not eligible to win again, always enjoying a creative challenge, I jumped at the thought of creating an outfit with an Origami theme. The wonderful thing about this theme is if you get creative and edit, there really is no limit to where you can go with an origami theme. I wanted to keep it a little haute couture, so I kept it simple really. But Imagine, you could choose to BE the origami, not just wear it!

Paper, Love and Imagined Dragons

If challenging yourself to create unique designs is something you enjoy, Style Kingdom has been having castings off and on lately, so check it out. But even if the magazine isn’t your thing, maybe we can start our own blog style challenges. Let me know if you think it’s something you’d enjoy because I’d love to do it with you all. Have a gorgeous Tuesday!

Paper, Love and Imagined Dragons

Hat: Desir, Chinese Gold Headpiece **EDITED**
Hair: Lelutka, Swish
Necklace: .Shi, Paper neckpiece **EDITED** (Shoulder piece worn)
Knickers: Angel Dessous, Iceland
Dress: Fellini Couture, Changshan

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