White Sparkles

White SparklesHat: Finesmith, March Gift **FREE!!** . Earrings: Finesmith, Ethnic . Necklace: Finesmith, Guella **NEW** .

I’ve been on such a white kick these past few days. A nor-easter is turning my beloved beach frightfully cold. (55 F / 13 C) I know, I am such a whiner and I digress. White is a color that invokes such coldness. I’ve never seen snow but I know how it sparkles and glistens when kissed by the winter sun. So forgive me my moments indulgence in the chilliness about me, I will be back to the normal hues of Florida shortly.

Well, it’s time. The designers have stepped up, the artists have also. There is a wonderful photography contest going on as well, if you would like to participate, please contact Elettra Gausman for details. The only thing missing is my much beloved models. I received NC’s from about a dozen of you, so we need 20 more to stand beside me and celebrate. As women who are free, we are women who will stand for those who are not yet free from violence. Education and awareness if the first step to helping these beautiful souls. If you are like me and haven’t walked the runway in a bit, it’s okay because it’s a static auction, we will be moving statues, standing on a pose-stand posing in our chosen items. This is an unpaid event since it is a charity auction with the entire proceeds going to The United Nations Development Fund for Women. Our portion of the 2Lei in Second Life event is November 23rd, 2013. If you are interested please drop me a NC with your interest titled: “2Lei Model (your name)”. Please don’t use nicknames, I want to be able to contact you easily.

White SparklesDress: Fellini Couture, Chanshan **HEAVILY EDITED** .

November 25th, according to the United Nations, is the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women“. Since 2010 this event has been celebrated in Second Life with a great show lasting about one week (approximately November 18th to November 25th), organized by the committee “2Lei in Second Life”, an artistically minded compassionate group of citizens they are (about us: http://secondlife2lei.blogspot.it/p/blog-page_24.html). If you can’t model with me I hope you will attend at least one of the many events. Join us as we raise awareness of these often silent victims of abuse.

White SparklesMask: Finesmith, Cordelia **NEW** .

Take from? The United Nations Development Fund for Women estimates that at least one of every three women globally will be beaten, raped, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. For them, I choose to stand up. I will stand, not because it is a popular thing to do, I stand because it’s the only thing I can do. I stand to be heard, support, embrace, and raise up these women. To let them know I won’t turn my back on them, or cover my eyes, I am here and I care. Won’t you stand with me?

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