Avoiding the Train Wreck

Avoiding the Train Wreck

Ok, ok granted filling out the myriad of forms required during open enrollment at your employment can set the calmest of people mentally ablaze and exhausted, but I declare, enough is enough! “Uncle” even. Why can’t we just elect “same as last year” and move on with life? That’s two hours of my life I will never get back. And while I am ranting I have to add, “single” is not a status, it is a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others… for the love of pete! (Has anyone every truly met that pete guy? Note to self, look up where the davil that comment came from) Yeah, I know, I am being what I always rant about, terminally offended. But honestly, I ‘m kidding… I guess. ‘cept about losing those 2 hours, I am going to miss those hours, I am sure something phenomenal was meant to happen if I’d have just been there…

Avoiding the Train Wreck

Take from? Naw, even I can’t get from there to here today. I’m still suffering multiple form fill-out brain aneurisms. But I think if you let your brain wander a little and think about the title and the current state of health care, it’ll come to you. I can be kind of subtle like that. As for me? I think I’ll find me a quiet corner under my desk, listen to some music, and avoid further paperwork. I hope your day is free of paper cuts!

Headphones: RO, Megahertz phones
Hair: Boon: KOM372
Jacket: .Shi, Plastik
Top: .Shi, Patent Brassiere
Skirt: {.:Ozi:.} Curve Skirt
Jewelry: Mandala, Katakori necklace . Hokusia watch

13 thoughts on “Avoiding the Train Wreck

  1. Paperwork is hell…but you look marvelous! ❤ ❤
    Btw…I did a quick google and the magic 8 ball says…"for the love of Pete" was a euphemism used in the days when saying "for the love of God" was considered blasphemous. My personal favorite euphemism is "Son of a Sea Captain". I have a real potty mouth sometimes and had to find a way to vent frustration, while dealing with John Q Public, without cussing like a truck driver.

  2. Working food service, I’ve frequently heard “Cheese and Rice” (for “Jesus Christ”) and “Son of a Biscuit”. I have personally referred to a crowded location as a “Fuster Cluck” or a woman who is pissing me off above and beyond as a “Cupid Stunt.” I also like the words ‘bloody’ (in the English sense), ‘sassenach’ (a derogatory old Scots term for the English), and ‘pox-ridden’. F-bombs are emotionally satisfying but often trite. Since profanity is ultimately a verbal emphasis, I prefer to emphasize in ways that are less commonly used…
    BTW, I agree: you do look smashing!

  3. I don’t know, Cao, there’s something just so yummy-juicy-delicious about being terminally offended. It’s not in my usual nature to be in such a state, but when it happens it’s like eating a Big Mac — it’s soooo good and soooo bad and you just can’t indulge even though you want to every darned day! (BTW, I held myself to one Big Mac a year. I went by myself. Bought it in the drive through. Ate it ALONE in the car, facing away from anyone… so I could really BE with The Big Mac until 365 days later). And that’s how I feel about being terminally offended. I like it. A lot! I don’t do it just to avoid feeling guilty later **sticks a finger up in the air forcefully* but if I could I would do it all the time!

    1. suffice it to say it involves pages upon pages of insurance forms, writing the same thing you wrote last year. Oh, but this year I changed one thing Peep! You and Draakje are both the beneficiaries of my life insurance policy now. oh, erm. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that outloud. *looks over shoulder*

  4. Sing it girl lol, I know exactly what you mean I have done it every year of my 20 in the casino biz. Not only that but every six months have to take tests on subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with my position. I am pretty sure I have lost about a gazillion hours due to paper work, when all it would take is a photo copy of last years crap and my signature. I have honest to goodness war wounds from all the paper cuts I have gathered over the years, not to mention the calluses from squeezing the life out of that pen.. I get where you are coming from with mark single, but I have been divorced for like ever…..so I opt to put single. Hugs kisses and, I’ll be thinking about you while away.

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