Zappo’s sells Sh-t and Kanye’s Full of Crap

Zappo's sells Sh-t and Kanye's Full of Crap

That’s what I call a match made in heaven. Unless your Kanye West of course. Notorious loud mouth Kanye West podcasted that “Zappo’s sells Sh-t product” but it seems Zappo’s got the last laugh. This is the magic of agile viral marketing. It seems when Mr West assumed he was going to go all Kutcher vs. Walmart, ( ) he forgot the mission statement of the Zappo’s brand, “to provide the best customer service possible.” So if a customer wants “Sh-t Product,” by golly, they are going to sell it to him. ( ) And at $100,000 each it’s right in his price range. The point? Well other than the humor, I suppose it’s be careful what crap you choose to “let loose” with on the Internet because you just might find you aren’t quite as popular as you think you are and well, then your day is generally down the toilet. I’d like to tell him, “if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything a’tall,” but don’t worry, he ain’t listening anyway, you “Can’t Tell Him Nothing.” Anyway, what happened to Kanye? That’s the power of karma for you.

Zappo's sells Sh-t and Kanye's Full of Crap I would have bought these shoos from Zappo’s if I didn’t insist on paying full price! 😉

Have a slow sliding Thursday, because the weekend is right around the corner.. Don’t forget 2Lei, Saturday November 23rd at 2:30PM SLT. It benefits the United Nations “The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women” and I hope to see you there.

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