This Lonely View

This Lonely ViewStyle Kingdom Magazine . Capitol Couture . Photographer: Asia Rae . Models: Caoimhe Lionheart . Federica Galtier .

For the one year anniversary of Style Kingdom, the magazine teamed up with 5th Avenue Model Agency (Both of which I am a proud card carrying member of) for a spread on Capitol Couture. I’ll be honest, I don’t go to many movies, I find them loud and would prefer to sit quietly and speak with the person I am with, not have someone attempt to recreate something I would find much more entertaining in the written form, while ignoring my date. So when the theme was assigned I was at a complete loss. When I don’t know a theme, I like to google images until I find something of interest to work with. Unfortunately this topic didn’t have much variety of images and I was scared everyone would show looking pretty much alike. Eventually I stumbled upon an artist CDCBlanc’s drawings on Capitol Couture and I was instantly in love.

capitol_couture_by_cdcblanc-d4yu07pThis was my inspiration board for my outfit

The thing I want to express, especially to new models, is it’s easy to mash together multiple outfits from designer’s to create a mix and match. If you do this well, it will definitely get you “in the door” of Second Life Modeling, but in all honesty, there are a LOT of models in the door. Besides honesty and a good work ethic, one of the main ingredients to rising above the rest is to have vision. The unique ability to see the possibilities beyond the picture in the vendor. For me personally? Forget the hoopy flounces, I loved carved spaces. So right off the bat, I leaned toward the five dresses on the left of the above drawing. For the carved nature I dug into my inventory for Eshi’s Aria Pompadour. She was apparently before her time, because this outfit alone (below) would be a pretty good rendition of Capitol Couture, don’t you think? But that’s not mix and match is it?

capitol coutureOutfit: Eshi, Aria Pompadour .

The actual photo’s from the movie showed a lot of pastels, golds, blacks, one actress had pink hair, so I decided to keep it in the pink color range. I changed the texture of the hips of the outfit to a satin and recolored it white, the same with the shorts on the thighs and made the centerpiece flower pink to match the shirt I added from Mimikri’s Cami Dress. The time was spent on retexturing the skirt pieces, the rest was just pulling together the details. The gloves are also from Mimikri, the boa is Miamai, Whisper White, the hairs .Ploom. Mookie, hat is *LODE* Glitter Rose ( I THINK it was recolored too but not sure) and my shoos are Nardcotix CHLOE. I guess the point is, find one detail that inspires you, to me it will always be clothes that have a 4 dimensional feel to them, and use the love of this item to inspire you to go beyond mix and match to actual styling, or restyling if you like this term better. If you want to see some really great Capitol Couture, check out volume 5 of Style Kingdom and I have to tell you, there are a lot of styles in there that are much better than mine, so enjoy!

capitol couture1Outfit: Restyled Eshi Aira Pompadour in pink!

Link to Magazine: Style Kingdom Vol. 5

The take from? Yes, there is one. And it’s not even about what I wrote up there. It’s the title. Life is a solitary travel, most of us are born alone and we die alone. Holidays spent alone can be the most devastatingly lonely times a person will ever live through. If you have family, friends, or neighbors, or even acquaintances you know will be alone over the holiday, why not ask them to join you? It may be a small awkward inconvenience to you, but to them it may be a large life affirmingly pleasing moment. If you are alone, and trust me, I have been on several occasions, why not create your favorite meal, heck 5 course meal if you enjoy cooking, play some music and entertain you? I reckon you can even eat it in the dining room, on your best fine china whilst wearing your PJ’s and bunny slippers because this day, this meal, you are the guest of honor. I’ve even been known to put away the food in the pots and pans and clean it all up tomorrow. So for the day, put aside Nancy Neat and just enjoy. I hope everyone has a blessed and thankful holiday season!

15 thoughts on “This Lonely View

  1. Good grief, woman…mix and match to me is a polka dot shirt and plaid pants! You are so amazing with your vision.

    I so miss Thanksgiving. It’s not celebrated in Australia and it has always been my favourite holiday. This year, though, I’m going to make a pumpkin pie (thanks to USA Foods I have canned pumpkin) and bake a ham. Turkey is just too big and too…turkey-ish.

    I’ll set an extra place and pretend I’m sharing it with a lil Cao. ❤

  2. I really love your blog and your style. I’m going to miss reading it so often. You are so inspiring! Peeps may I join you? I’ll just jump over the ditch! I’ll bring the drinks!

  3. Cao, I’m going to miss reading your blog everyday, you are really an inspiration. Normally just what I need for the day 😀 But I’ll be looking forward to whenever you do blog. And Peep, may I join you, I’ll just jump over the ditch and bring the drinks!

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