The Sugar Plum Fairy Earns Her Wings

The Sugar Plum Fairy Earns her WingsHairs: DURA . Dress: Morea Style, Barbara **Peace on Earth 6** Free!! Yes, Free!! .

Peace on Earth 6 is still going on, it lasts just until January 6th, 2014. I hope by now you’ve been able to poke around and find some hidden treasures. Because what’s better for Christmas than shopping for others and free gifts for you? This is some of the best of Second Life designers, making presents for YOU! There all kinds of hints and LM’s at the Peace on Earth Gridwide Hunt blog site, so don’t miss out!

The Sugar Plum Fairy Earns her WingsWings: Joyous Living, Aurora **Peace on Earth Hunt** .

I found this poem on a blogpost (given below) and thought it fit perfectly. ❤

The Sugar Plum Fairy

The Sugar Plum Fairy is rare and sweet,
There’s laughter where e’er she goes,
She brings such light and joy and love,
She’s there when e’er it snows.

She lays a soft white blanket down,
It’s glitters in the sun,
She helps the spring with its fresh job,
When all of winter’s done.

When summer comes she does not sleep,
But reads herself away,
With biscuits and some cups of tea,
She waits for winter’s day.

When winter comes she’s back again,
Back again so merry,
Her laugh it tinkles through the air,
Laugh of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

By: Claire J. de Souza


15 thoughts on “The Sugar Plum Fairy Earns Her Wings

    1. There are poses at POE. Diesel Works. I blogged those a few posts ago. The giant Christmas balls (on the ground and in my hands, I made. If you want a few, drop me a NC I will send them to you. The tree I will have to see, its a couple years old. But I will check. Thank you! 😀

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