Nothing to Do But Smile

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Happiness is our original nature, it is what we feel from the first moment we gaze lovingly into the eyes of a parent, make a new friend at school, receive the gift of someone’s love. True happiness is knowing yourself and staying true to your nature, those little things you love, what inspires you, what makes you so uniquely you. The strange thing is, if you forget who you are, or try to change who you are for others, you begin to actively search for happiness, even though it’s well springs from within you, not from out in the world. Not unlike our bodies contain DNA, your body has spiritual DNA that makes up what makes you happy. So when we stop obsessing about our weight, our relationships, or even our lives, we allow ourselves to be happy because we realize the happiness we will “get” when we have the dream job, or the right “guy”, or enough money, that happiness is already within us. We were born with it, we’ve just done our damndest to smother it over the years with our worthless expectations. Face it, we are all imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed, and uncontainably beautiful.

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How do we get it back? Like most things in life we practice. Identify your most important relationships and make a conscious commitment to being the most loving person you can possibly be. Your intention to love and be loved is the single most crucial key to happiness, because think about it, there is no difference between happiness and love. They emotionally feel the same. A major step in this new intention to love? Gratitude and forgiveness. The phenomenal thing about gratitude is it shifts your perception, you go from an unhappy darkness with little to feel grateful for to a new dawn, one filled with thankfulness. The best part is, the more you practice gratitude your brain changes to one filled with hope and in turn it changes your perception of the world.The easiest way to learn to practice gratitude, is to express it and the funny thing is, expressing it plants a kernel of happiness in others that has the possibility of growing to an entire forest of delighted contentment and pleasure. But, let’s not forget, the co-partner to gratitude is forgiveness. Happiness is easy and natural until the moment someone causes you pain. It is impossible to hold on to a gripe and be happy because well, have you ever heard of a happy victim? Nope, me either. Besides, holding on to that grudge is just a decision to keep on suffering, and who the heck wants that? Not me. Where resentment is a ball and chain, forgiveness, that’s been known to set you free. When you grieve over something that happened in the past, you miss out on the happiness available in the now.

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The take from? Yep, thanks for hanging in this long, I think Draakje Dailey left after the first sentence. Happiness may seem to be something of your childhood, but you truly can get it back. The good news is, it is never too late to be present and to really show up in your life. Consistently remind yourself, you are the architect of your own life and at those times you find you can’t remember the last time you were happy, just remember, to renovate your heart, you have to go back to the drawing table, draw on the possibilities of those things you are grateful for, erase away the things that need forgiveness, prepare just for today and smile because no one can make you happier than you can make yourself. Well there ya are, the Cao has decided life didn’t happen to me, it is unfolding happily before me. The pain of this month will pass because I am grateful for all I have, which by the way, includes all of you.

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17 thoughts on “Nothing to Do But Smile

  1. Ma petite vache…

    I’ve decided to rename your amazing life posts…Cao and Peace…in my mind at least. Anyway, this really resonates with me…you have your sticky notes and I have a daily practice of gratitude; which I apply even more consciously when I start to let negativity creep into my life. I am far from perfect at this practice…but it works when I choose to work it. I always pass the blessings on with an open and happy heart.

    I love what you said about forgiveness…it reminded me of Nelson Mandela and how he forgave his captors. If he had allowed himself to be bitter and angry…he would have remained in an emotional prison and would never have been able to accomplish all that he did. I have adopted the art of walking away and letting it go…wishing nothing but success, growth and happiness toward the other person. It took a long time and a lot of hard life lessons to get here…but I am thankful for each and every one. I am so much happier.

    Thank you for always surrounding us with your beautiful spirit and for sharing your Cao and Peace. ❤ ❤

    1. there in itself is a volume of it’s own. If Mandela could forgive those who imprisoned him, or if a murder victims family can forgive a murderer, who would I be to not forgive others their paltry transgressions against me? You are so wise and so peaceful Xiu, thank you for your happy existence in my life. ❤

    2. Hi Cao! Not only are you the greatest styling goddess, but you have some really awesome philosophies about life. I do the gratitude thing every day. I have not always been so fortunate to have the spirituality and the relationship I have with my maker nowadays, but after a miracle and transformation over the past 10 or so years, I can honestly say that no matter how life becomes, I know He will guide me through it successfully. Its all what you make of it. We have good days and we have bad days. I am happy that the good ones outnumber the bad! Stay happy hun! xoxo Burly….(Brian)

      1. Thanks Brian! I am so happy you are setting a spell with me, I am enjoying getting to know you more personally than we were allowed inworld. I hope you stick around a while because I think you will have a lot to share. xox Cao (Cao) 😀

  2. Very wise words as usual Cao, though it is often easier said than done. It is a good way to live your life. I do try to do that with my daily life especially recently as things have been going well which is hard for me as I am a bit of a cynic.

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