It Don’t Mean Nothin

It Don't Mean Nothin A gift from Skip Staheli when he learned of my fathers passing

I actually have an outfit to blog, but I think I am going to let it wait until next week. I have a lot of Peace on Earth Grid Wide hunt ( ) I want to show too. I hope you have a chance to go hunting, there is so much really cool stuff around this year and at 0 Lindens, how can you possibly go wrong? I hope you will go to the Lybra Opening Celebration tomorrow at 3PM at the Salimar Luxury District, ( )
the creations I saw have a lot of luxe and riche detailing in the most scrumptious shades of red. Please don’t forget the precious elephants either! Last I checked we had adopted 5 elephants so far! YAY! It’s really a creative thing because you pay 500L’s for the Christmas topiary decoration and 100% of the proceeds go to the Not for Profit. More details on this blog: So please, buy, buy, buy, because I couldn’t imagine a world without elephants, could you?

Caoimhe Lionheart My precious fullbody The Butterfly FairyThe concept was a Spring Fairy who releases the butterflys every spring bringing about renewal. Photographer: Skip Staheli

Now I am going to sign off for a few days, I’ve family arriving from all around the country, details to see to and real life to breathe in. I know saying goodbye doesn’t really mean anything, it’s the years we celebrated life together that will matter, but I am so weak at times. So emotional, saying goodbye to anyone you have known since you first opened your eyes as a baby, well, it hits you hard in the gut. ‘ell saying goodbye to friends and acquaintances is hard too. Like most things in life, incidents and events, your emotional recollection of them tend to fade, but the soulful impression of your life’s joys and pain firmly imprint in crisply devout detail and never completely extinguish.

The Doll Learns She's not Real.A Doll Learns She’s not Real becomes a Doll Misses her Father

Take from? They say men don’t know how to say goodbye and women don’t know when to say it. And right at this moment, I believe it must be true. The details of a funeral? It don’t mean nothin but a celebration, a rebirthday of sorts, I suppose. Because these friends, acquaintances, and family that pass on before us? They never really leave us, their fingerprints are printed lightly across our hearts.

The.Easy.Road.Is.Always.Under.Construction.A Butterfly Wonders if There is a Heaven

19 thoughts on “It Don’t Mean Nothin

  1. There is absolutely nothing to be said that can make your loss any easier or less painful. Just know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, sweetheart. Embrace each moment.

  2. Such beautiful stylings and tender words, I have felt your pain from the day I heard about your father. You do need to be with your living breathing family right not, the in the flesh ones. We are your family too and we all understand the things you must do now and we will be here when you return welcoming you with open arms.

    Take care of your kind heart and gentle soul in these days ahead Cao. I will be there with you in Spirit (no pun) all the while. My Father died from a reaction to anesthesia ten days after his 69th b-day and six days before Christmas in 2003. I stopped by the hospital to see when he would be ready to take home and he never came. My point, not trying to compare my story to yours is this. We all handle lose differently but when I tell you I understand what you are going through my beautiful friend I truly do ….I will miss you

    1. thank you Spirit, we live mirrored lives on so many levels. I am so thankful I found a Second Life soul friend. ❤ Love you gorgie girl and congrats on MVW, to me you will always be the winner. ❤

  3. Will be quite painful for a while….try to share your grief with your family. You will be strong when others are not and some of them will be strong when you are not. I will keep you and your family in my prayers, Cao….big hugs. Brian

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