Keeping it All the Year

Keeping it all the YearIf you don’t read the blog, at least (please) watch the below video. I bet you can’t figure out who the grinch is 😉

What an emotionally roller coasting year I have had, in the real world and in my second world. As I leave this year behind, I am filled with so many thoughts, some happiness, lots of sadness but of you all? Much happiness really. I adore and appreciate each and every one of you, you are amazing, supportive, kind, and oh so wonderful! You guys are the joy that abounds, when the presents are done, the food is eaten, the fire is warm and a sleepy fulfilling peacefulness miraculously invades the hardest of hearts. On here, I write just “stuff,” I was going to say crap, but I should be nice, even to myself, in the spirit of the holiday. You all bring me such a huge smile daily because you support me, some hopefully even “get” me. I am thankful even for the anonymous readers who peek in every once in a while and then wander off to their own devices. There are no words to express the honor I feel that for some reason, that day, you peeked! Life is good. I hope yours is as well. But always, let’s remember to include those less fortunate than ourselves. Even if all we can afford to spare is an extra big smile and a kind word.

Keeping it all the Year

For you all, this is my “grown up Christmas Wish.” This Christmas let your heart shine a little brighter, be a little more open to possibility. Christmas is not a time nor a season but a state of mind. Cherish peace and goodwill, look to others with a little more forgiveness, and feel the joy of the season with the heart of a child. Be glad, be hopeful and feel the good of the world spiritually. Because there is nothing quite so poignantly sad than to wake up Christmas day and not be a child, soften your view and embrace the season as a child. I hope you wake up in wonder and joy for all that surrounds you. That is the little wish I have for each and every one of you.

Take from? I may not come back until the New Year, definately will blog very little until then. After a brief hiatus from “date night” with all that has transpired in my life this past weeks, I’ve got one tonight. Well actually an entire date weekend. Dr. Ben Dover (naw, I think I will start calling him just Taylor, he earned it) is dragging me off to Savannah and promises there will be no need for spanx anywhere on this weekend. Wheeeee! The past couple months, I’ve been so up and down, it’s a wonder he didn’t borrow a cue from me and shiv me with one of my beloved plastic sporks, but hung around, he did. Well, looky there.. I believe my heart might have just opened up the tiniest bit more to possibility. Joy, love and peace to all of you during this holiday season. ❤

Hat: ::PM:: (Purple Moon <3) Merry (part of the Merry gown set) GORGEOUS!
Hair: D!va, Ange
Jewelry: Donna Flora (God I still miss her), Vivian necklace, Samara Watch, Alma Bracelet, Brenda earrings
Dress: p.c. (Paper Couture), Victoria
Glove/Fur: Mimikri, Cuffed gloves and Fur stole
Pose: MS, Soul set

9 thoughts on “Keeping it All the Year

  1. Every time I stop by, Cao, I leave with a huge smile and my heart beats faster. It’s a combination of your spectacular styling and artwork as well as your well thought words letting us know how you are doin’ today. You do such a great service to your readers, my blessed friend. Ohhh, and the video? Its now on my FB…I LOVE MUSIC! Its the international common language of the entire planet. Thank you so much….if you don’t come back before the new year, you are in my prayers and I wish you all the love, peace and happiness you so richly deserve, hunny. God bless ya! Lovingly, Brian

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