2013 Blog in Review

new years 1
I’ve been holding this, waiting for WordPress to send me my annual report, but for now I seem to have snucked betwixt the cracks. So for me, annual reports will hold for another day.

2013 Blog Stats

I wish for all of you in 2014 a home overflowing with happiness, many foods and drinks shared with friends, the perfect wardrobe for whatever your weather. That you dream big, live large, love yourself as well as another, and fill your hours with smiles of joy. Happy New Year to all! ♡
new years2

Hair: Iconic, Leakes
Hat: Gizza, New Years head band **NEW**
Earrings: Mandala, Senjyu
Necklace: Gizza, Peacock **NEW**
Jacket: Gizza, Dandy Jacket **NEW**
Gown: Lavinia
Handbag: ~AG~, Ai Luxury bag **L’Accessoires**

Storax, Patio Lounge for Two (on wall) **NEW**
Chair: Di’s Opera
Trunk: Lisp, Vintage trunk
Shutters: floor.plan
Storage Box: The Loft, White storage box
Clock: Lisp

14 thoughts on “2013 Blog in Review

  1. Cao, I hope your 2014 is filled with all the peace, love and happiness you so well deserve! You bring joy to so many through your words, written and I am sure verbal as well. Your heart knows no bounds! xoxo Love you, Brian

  2. Cao !! My one of my grandmother´s names was Lavinia and I just loved the dress. Also your message just reminded me that what I need to do this year. Happy New Year my precious!

  3. What a fun look to bring in the new year! You always bring a look to life in a new way, I wish this new year to be filled with joy, love, good health and most importantly, the passionate spirit that you have and share with us all to never fade. Reading your blogs is always a smile and a giggle. Thank you for sharing your style and little bits of your life with us! Happy New Year! *hugs*

  4. Happy new year and thank you for keeping this blog going, giving us ideas of what to wear and always making interesting posts. I wish you to hold everything valuable for you and just keep on being one of the awesome beautiful people.

  5. Happy New Year, my dear lil Cao. My wish for you is for fairies and unicorns to fill your dreams with all the wonderful possibilities ahead of you. xoxo my ♥ friend 🙂

    Oh…and I have to say that is possibly my favourite ever of your stylings. From the outfit to the decor, it is all just so perfect!

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