A Step Beyond

A Step Beyond

Today, I am going to do something I seldom do. I am going to speak about ONE designer. But first, I’ve been having a tough time with Second Life lately while at work. I’ve always only had about an hour a day (my lunch hour) on weekdays, but since the new updates about a month ago, my 4G Mobile Hotspot leaves me looking like a cloud. So I’ve taken to leaving my good laptop at home since it’s a brick(17″) and I’ve gone back to toting my quite nimble 12″ Sony laptop. I try to shoot all the pictures for my blog week on the weekend so I am halfway prepared. I can’t imagine how I went through the entire Miss Virtual World contest using a 12″ monitor, all I can figure is I used to be a lot younger.. Lately my weekends have been a little hectic, my three states North sister is back home, as well as my Wyoming sister, and though my bother (yep meant to spell it that way) lives in the same city as my mum, he’s a guy, yanno? So, I’ve had to spend a lot of time with her, helping her adjust to being alone. Anyway, I majorly digressed just then but that brings me to here, to this designer.

Hallow's EveMe and my zombie from Storax. YIKERS! I’m the one in the foreground 😉

A few month’s ago I started receiving these truly wonderful items from the interior designs heavens. They were from a designer angel, otherwise known as Kate McLagen of Storax. There was no note or IM received with them, just a little chat saying something like, these are the new releases, you do not have to blog them, but it would be nice if you do, if you find something you like. I’m not too swift at times, and I don’t blog household very often anymore, not having a home or dirt under my feet in SL. But I would always bring them out and look at them. But as I said, I’m a few tacos short of the combination platter because around Halloween, I pulled out the newest item and it was the scariest zombie I’ve ever seen (pic above). Gnashing my teeth and pulling my hair, I screamed and logged from SL for the day to recover. Well perhaps a slight exaggeration. maybe. a slight one. Very slight. So this relationship between me and Kate began like this sort of tug and pull. Somewhere along the time my father died she sent out a Santa sack, stating this is the new items available for Christmas with the “if you like, please blog” message, I religiously pulled it out, studied it and somewhere from the sky a light beamed down from the heavens and I realized, the blog items are INSIDE these zombies and sacks and all other sundry of items she had been sending me. Yeah, I actually am that dim-witted at times. And the items are simply amazing!

Which brings me back to my little Sony that can’t take pics of me since I am a cloud and doesn’t really take great pics anyway. So I am doing Kate a grave injustice and hope she forgives me if I promise to do a better job next time because I do promise. The take from? When you create something, always remember the most memorable creations (or style challenges) are the ones where you didn’t say “done.” They are the one’s where you took just one more extra step. Something that differentiates you from your competitors, giving the customer some pleasing “extra” quality not found with average stores. Because see the top pic, including the cat? Yep, that’s the box.

Taxi to Storax: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little%20Rascals/104/220/24

9 thoughts on “A Step Beyond

  1. Anytime you need help taking some shots for your blog id be willing to help 🙂 I dont mind really 🙂 I’m a curious type person im always opening boxes i get and then sometimes even click the edit button to see what they are made up of .. I like the zombie 🙂

    1. okay deal! 😀 As for the zombie, I can’t imagine what sorts of scary things had been in the inside…. I hope it wasn’t spiders, I’d hate to have spiders in my inventory.. Thanks Ande ❤

  2. HAHAHAHAH!!!! Yes, she sends out awesome boxes of items. That zombie girl nearly made me jump out of my Belleza skin too. The cat and the log is cute! ❤

    And hopefully this weekend will be less busy for you. Hugsies to your Mum.

  3. It’s just like folks, Cao. Most often their gifts are what’s inside them. Sorry to hear about your Dad and I send my best wishes to you for a happy and peaceful 2014.

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