Knowledge Knots

Every quarter I take a day or two and blog the upcoming real world fashion trends as they relate to Second Life. I’ve been having such a davil of a time with the photography, I enlisted some of my friends to help me with this one this time and I hope it will be a refreshing change from my minimal photography skills. So without further adieu, because this is going to be a long one, here are the Fashion Trends for Spring 2014!

orangeTrend: Orange . Model/Photographer: Me
Orange has become the new black this Spring. Items in the color orange have once again made in appearance on the landscape. I love orange anyway, calling it a color I can taste and smell. (Monique Lhuillier)

black and white cropped
Trend: Black and White . Model/Photographer: Asia Rae
The old steadfast and true black and white are back to grace our wardrobes this Spring, though it’s not a truly big surprise since it dresses up or down quite effectively. (Phillip Lim)

Icy Pastels with Hints of PinkTrend: Icy Pastels w. hints of Pink . Model/Photographer: Me
Nothing ever quite says it’s Spring like the soft satiny pastels. The colors speak of rebirth and renewal and they are always ultra-feminine. (Rag & Bone)

white on whiteTrend: White on White . Model/Photographer: Mila Tatham
White on white is a trend I hope never goes away. It’s clean colors and lines are instantly cooling to the eye and there is just so much room for a delightful splash of color.(Ralph Lauren, Derek Lam)

Trend: Graphics . Model/photographer: Absinthe Montenegro
According to Elle Magazine, graphic prints were a huge hit on the runway this year being sighted on the runways of designers like Louis Vuitton, and Kenzo, to name a few. It’s a no brainer really, the quickest way to catch an eye is make an impact statement.

cropped topTrend: Cropped Tops . Model/photographer: Me
Don’t give up on the gym membership just yet, cropped tops and exposed midriffs are all the rage this season and you will soon see them everywhere. Once considered casualwear, they are coming out in business and chic designs as well. (Jonathan Saunders, Miu Miu)

peek a booTrend: Sheers and Peekaboo . Model/Photographer: Asia Rae
High impact pieces with glimpses of sheer flesh are hot, hot, hot! Lots of shades of color and styles are making an appearance with skin teasers to keep the crowd following your every move. (Alexander Wang, Jason Wu)

embelishedTrend: Embellished and Fringed . Model/Photographer: Asia Rae
Embellished and Fringed held a strong place on the runway as well. The stellar materials that whisper and clink when you move, making sure your entrance has a five senses appeal to your viewers. After all, who doesn’t want to live in 3D? (Proenza Schouler, Dolce & Gabbana)

floralsTrend: Florals . Model/Photographer: me
Always a sweet addition to the Spring line is the presence of florals and what better says, praise the Lord, the winter’s over than a sweetly romantic floral? Stella McCartney, Alberta Ferretti)

metallicsTrend: Metallics . Photographer/Model: Asia Rae
Nothing says rich splendor quite like the use of metallics, and this Spring? They were all over the runway being noticed in every clothing line from casual to oo-la-la. (Givenchy, Tom Ford)

Take from? Yep, even today. It’s in the title. A knowledge knot is a natural bump on your head and a depression in the skull is a dummy divot. Yeah, I know Cao-ism slang, but all the same, think about all the research time I just saved you to give you your knowledge knot. That should mean something, right? I truly want to thank Asia, Absinthe and Mila for their help today, because without them this would not be possible. Have a wonderful weekend!

Orange: Ricielli, Papi
Black & White: Baiastice
Icy Pastels: Tutu, Gizza . Shirt:-tb-, Sequined Top
White on Whites: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Libera
Graphics: Cashmere, Bowma
Cropped Top: Gizza, Dropped collar jacket, leather mini
PeekABoo Sheers: Diram
Embellished & Fringed: Gizza, Self-Defense
Florals: Gizza, Romantic Rendez-vous
Metallics: -Azul-, Angelica

Pantone Fashion Spring 20142014 Pantone Fashion Colors

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