A Craftily Disguised Lie is Still a Lie

ChangesSkin: Glam Affair, Magenta Asia **The Seasons Story** . Brows: Baiastice

The other day I blogged a skin, (above) I know, so rare for me, but I moved heaven and Earth (actually went full alpha, no attachments) to buy it because this skin designer always creates some of the finest quality skins available. And having an Asian shape, skins are a struggle for me and this one looked specifically Asian. But as a whole, I have a skin, it works for me, so I stick with it, even though it’s 4 years old. There are very few people who haven’t at least HEARD of Aida Ewing’s Glam Affair. And so many attest to the quality of the product, myself included, that what has transpired bothers me enough to blog about it.

A Craftily Disguised Lie is Still a LieJacket: Gizza, Voyager *NEW** . Crown: Lode, Headware metal crown **NEW** . Hairs: Dura, Boy & Girl 50 **NEW** . Bag: Gizza, Ruffle bag **NEW** .

I won’t go in great detail, the particulars are here. But generally speaking, another skin designer, Ambra Hoxley of a store called Poudre purchased a template from another store, one I refuse to mention because I refuse to potentionally send business to them for nefarious purposes, and she used the templates for her skins. The templates are obviously the original artwork of Aida Ewing and were stolen. My point here? When confronted, Ambra has taken the stand that she purchased the templates so she has the right to use them. I suppose, technically, though perhaps illegally, she can. I reckon its equivalent to purchasing a paint by numbers of the Mohna Lisa and then trying to sell it off as the real thing. But does it make it right? I mean, who raised you anyway and what kind of message do you want to send to people, Ambra? The message that you can’t create your own original artwork, so don’t mind if what you use is stolen? I say, if you can’t, then don’t. That is my single most disappointing factor of Second Life. You have some amazingly creative, original artists creating high quality products but you have a large number of noncreative, template toting artists. Great, use a template to learn, but at some point, take the training wheels off and graduate yourself to the real world where originality is the key to true success. Seriously.

gizzaShirt: Lelutka, Guila . Skirt: [LWL], Aviary tutu . Glasses: Regrave, Laurita . Shoos: {{BSD}}, Kpacoth ankle boots .

The take from? By refusing to remove the offending stolen skins from her store, Ambra Hoxley, is perpetuating the theft, but more importantly if you the consumer buy them, you are too. Content creative artwork is the sole ownership of the person who legally created it. Period. Just because you bought it, from a thief at that, doesn’t give you the right to use it. But, heck, I can’t stop you from buying from Ambra Hoxley of Poudre, so if you’d rather look like you are wearing a “prolex” instead of a genuine Rolex, you go right ahead. As for me, I’m too classy to waste my Lindens on a chick who thinks using others creative content is OK. Well, thats just my opinion on it. Take it for what it’s worth to you.

Gizza: Taxi:
Glam Affair: Taxi:

Wall: Storax, Patio Lounger for two **NEW**
Shutters: floor.plan, shutters
Chair: Di’s Opera
Trunk: Lisp Bazaar, vintage trunk
Small Box: The Loft, White Storage Box.

19 thoughts on “A Craftily Disguised Lie is Still a Lie

  1. Thats my Cao! Perfectly accurate in her words, and I can’t agree more. Stealing, or selling stolen items, its all the same for me. If she hadn’t known (which I doubt), the correct thing to do would have been to remove the content of your store that was stolen. But I guess some peoples standards just differ.

  2. Apparently, she DID close her store…at least for a few hours, and then reopened it. To me, that is even worse. If you were an unwitting victim of the original thief that is one thing. But to be fully aware that the content is stolen and continue to sell it? Shame, shame!

  3. yessss, go cao! i love it when someone puts it out there, especially someone who hasn’t got a store but just sits it there out of integrity and because it needs to be said. lub u ❤

  4. i can ask something? but if you are ambra? what is right? she must close her shop? why? she can retair the skin do with this template, but the other, do with other template , why need close? she buy more money for this template,why she need lose all for this? she is right , she know now that this template are not regular and she lose a lot of money, why all with aida, because she is famous? the money of ambra haven’t the same value?

    1. no she doesn’t need to close. And I am not for Aida because she is famous, as I said, I don’t wear Glam Affair skin, and to be honest I am not even on Aida’s friends list. The skin I blogged, I paid close to 1000L’s for just like any one else. Ambra just needs to do the right thing and remove that one skin. It doesn’t matter what she paid, it was stolen. If I buy a TV from some man on the street and the police come to me and tell me it belongs to Mr. Z and was stolen, they don’t let me keep it because I paid money for it. I am just out the money and have no TV. Ambra can create great skins, she needs to be more careful, if something of the template looks like someone elses existing skin, beware and don’t buy. Thats the right thing to do. Thank you Goreanroom, I am glad you asked this because I don’t want anyone to feel like Ambra is being attacked, we just want her to do the legal thing.

      1. and no one ever asked Ambra to close, she herself did that. And the difference between Aida and Ambra is that Aida DIDN’T use a template. She drew/created the skin by hand 4 years ago.

      2. me neither, have a nice week you too, sorry for this comment, but ambra is my friend, so i know her point of view, and compliments for the blog, i really loved it

      3. Ambra is a friend to me too. If she wants to speak to me any time, please tell her to friend me or just IM. I am not inworld too much but when I am I will be right there for any questions or concerns she has. You can friend me too. I do not think she on purpose did this, but I do think this one skin, or any that may be stolen should be removed is all. ♡

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