Dirty Little Lies

Or why Second Life Designers shouldn’t have contests for “Faces of.” My mouth has become unzipped and I hope I don’t ever regret this blog post, but with a heavy heart I feel I must speak. It’s tough for me because I am friends with pretty much everyone involved. So with light foot steps I decided to glance over the “event” itself and just tell of something similar. Over the weekend I did something very rare and un-Cao-like, I went to observe a contest. It’s rare for me to venture out into the world a’tall unless shopping, so to actually sit on a bench and watch for a few hours, that’s maybe a sometimes never thing for me, but that just tells you how much I cared for several of the participants in the contest. It was an odd assortment of contestants, some misses, some mid-season trained models and some newcomers in the mix. You’d think the judges would lean to the misses but as it turned out, in the end, it wasn’t so. That said, not being a part of the process, I have nothing further to say about this particular event, but it does call to mind one of my own experiences. And I do want to paraphrase, not all contests are bad, I happen to have been the Essence of Purple Moon and judged for the succeeding contest. I also believe Miss Virtual World, due to its broad scope, multiple judge changes and no monetary prizes is above board as well. It’s difficult to get multiple judges to collude with you over multiple venues and dates.

Dirty Little LiesOutfit: Champagne Sparkling Fashion, Cleopatra 2014 MVW Egypt National Costume **NEW**

But to what I saw over the weekend. When I was a new model, heck I reckon before I even went to my first modeling class, I was in a contest for a store I just absolutely adore. Sure like any model the lure of Lindens is nice, but I have to love the inventory to spend money on the outfit and a photographer to win a contest. That year, I was a finalist and happy actually to have made it that far. But I wanted to win. I immediately enrolled in MBMA, participated in the monthly portion of the stores contest, actually completed MVW Academy and later Miss Virtual World as a top twelve finalist. If I wasn’t ready this time, then I shouldn’t have been modeling a’tall. By the time the contest came around, I was in first place, about 20 points ahead of the person in second place. The odds looked good, but honestly, they should have. I worked hard, entering every single month, proud of the designer’s product and I was not some fly by night enter one month to be eligible, then win the Lindens and wander off kind of model. A terrible thing happened at the final, one judge gave me 1’s and 2’s (out of 10) on all categories, and yes it was an anomaly, the other judges averaged between 8’s and 10’s. How do I know this? Someone close to the contest (and to me) gave me the final compiled judges score card and told me who this model/designer/judge was so I would know to not get too close to the person since she so obviously disliked me but chose to hide it well. (yes, I have known all this time what you did, and I didn’t say a word to you about it even though I have worked with you several times since..) The result of her action? After all of my work, I ended up 4th and received nothing. Two years of effort for nil.

champagne1This dress is such a regal dream! *bats eyes like Liz Taylor*

The point? No, it wasn’t to wallow in self-pity. The point is these contests are so easily manipulated and there really is no way to keep them honest. If they are going to head south, there is no way to control them. My opinion why designer’s shouldn’t have them? Other than the third sentence in this paragraph, I think this designer did himself a grave injustice. Designer’s need to stop looking at these “Face’s of” as a face. If I were a designer, I’d pick the candidate that will not only take my Lindens, but will turn around and help me. Because this designer, in choosing the judges he did, completely lost out on a blogger, a steady customer, a model, but most of all, a friend because it took me a long time to get over it. I have. Gotten over it that is, I mean it could barely pass my “will you still be angry in a year” measure, it is a Second Life afterall, but I realized then, I am a blogger and a model, I am most certainly not a contestant and I never looked back. I hope the models who weren’t top three in this contest realize the same. In real life, if a design house has a face of their house they give it to the model who works hard for them, who truly represents their brand, not because they show up “that” day but due to the scope of their past work. Period. But, yanno? That’s just my two cents worth on the topic, take it for what it’s worth to you. Probably not too much. Have a low gravity Tuesday!

50 thoughts on “Dirty Little Lies

  1. BIG hugs! And yes, I’ve encountered the same. I think we all have at one point or another. It’s a shame, it’s sad, but too, it’s a learning experience. And it’s good you spoke about it, got it off of your chest and hopefully (fingers crossed) saved a new model.

  2. Never could Agree more Dear Cao. You are a fantastic model, and a girl deserve all the admire of people in this fashion grid. You never step back to tell what you think, i love this. I always listen many stuffie about this contests, i normally try to verify by myself if the Gossips are really true, i hate judge peopel based on what another people say, but the sad part is in the most part of the time, they are right LOL. We know who we are, we know what we are able to do, thats the important. Nobody here can tell to em or you, who is the best model, thats the reason why any Titttle or Award matter to me. =) Lets just have fun!

    Love you Cao S2

  3. I have so much to say to this, but I might sound bitter, and I’m really not as it has not affected me that much. I just wish life was more fair sometimes. Its about who you know and not what you have to offer.

    1. see now, that was my big fear too. I hope everyone knows I am in no way bitter. I still blog the designer and I think him a mad lovely friend. It just happened to end that way is all. ❤

  4. You did say a mouthful lil Cao. I too am sorry you ever experienced a thing like that and I am sure there are many. I myself do not join many contests. It is not because I don’t think myself capable because I may not know a lot, I am still learning, But I do know some stuff . The reason I join very few contests is that I have to be passionate about what I am doing and or whom I am representing. I actually believe in some designers and that will not change including the one that just had the Face Of. But my thoughts on this is Judge what you are supposed to judge, if there is no theme then look at the overall styling and never show your Fangs like the one you delt with did, because we will hear about it people can’t help but to tell us. I personally have lost a lot of Contests and not placed where I had hoped, sometimes I think it is fair and other times I am like “WHAT ” am I invisible or something. Yet more we are there too and see who does what, who walks straight, who has prims all up in their back, and so don’t wonder when we say WTH were you thinking. It is not always because we think too highly of ourselves. As a matter of fact I am not feeling all that high at the moment. Damn that felt good…..sawwwwy moving on now. Love you bunches lil lady

    1. hehehe welcome back Spirit, I missed my gorgie girl greatly. ❤ Oh and in the contest front, lemme think 10 epic fails, to 1 win! / but I have to give everyone a break, I never was much of a contest girl, always thinking myself more print model and these were all years ago. SO if its your thing, I say run with it! 😀

      1. to be completely honest I prefer print myself and styling what I want when I want. I don’t give up on myself, just needed to get moving in a new direction no matter how harsh it seemed. Because After my last couple outings I was starting to question it all. I have my answers and I love you Dollface

  5. It’s unfortunate, though this is also part of the reason that so many people do not get involved in these things, i.e., modeling, blogging, contests, etc. and frankly see it as a joke.

    Never be afraid to speak out… it’s all in how you do it. 🙂

    1. I read this piece with interest and with feet either side of the fence (and yes that is a painful position to be in!). I am astride the fence for two reasons. I am the Designer whose ‘Face’ contest you went to this weekend, and I am also a new model who has had some experience of contests that were, well, steered. No-one ever gets it right, despite all best endeavours. All we can hope for is to conduct what we do with honesty, integrity, passion and committment, in all we do. The competition this weekend honesty set out and endeavoured to be free and fair. It was definately free, any money’s the models spent were their own choices and not necessary for the contest itself. Fair, we certainly tried to be, I hate that kind of subjective judging, and we tried to eliminate it, by having a range of judges and judging on specific criteria, on a points basis. I dont know if we succeeded totally in our aims, but dammit that was our heartfelt intention. I can truthfully say hand on heart I had no idea who would win until the last set of scores was tallied. My brand is new in SL, I am a returning emigre myself. I dont have the longevity, reputation or simple time under my belt to have gone for a ‘face’ (for want of another convenient word) who had proved themselves to me. I am a new broom so decided to be one, and hold a competition for a model who proved herself in other ways. There is no perfect solution, a model who has ‘proved’ herself will evoke a subjective response in the Designer who decides to pick her without holding a competition, and that subjectivity may not always be a good guide. Thank you for such a thoughtful and thought provoking piece Cao, and thank you for coming, it is appreciated. We are none of us perfect, or perfect judges, and sometimes all we can do is what we feel is right (whether it turns out to be or not)….honesty, integrity, passion and committment…

      1. The major stall in posting this Eleseren is that you too are included in that label of my friends. I think you one too. But on one thing you said, I have to disagree. As a newer designer, you would by far better serve your Lindens to have created a group of bloggers, and as time goes, and you know them better, or find out through networking about them (I am always available to you to give a reference, or not. I am sure Draakje would be too, we both have worked with a lot of models both through modeling with them and leading agency’s) for a model/blogger. So many of the “faces” take their money and then you seldom hear from them again after a month or if even that long. Now on the other hand, if you worked with bloggers and one seemed to hold loyalty and moved up through the ranks, you could agree to pay them 500 to 1000 L’s a week to represent you at shows, blogging and managing your store the Linden prize is about the same and you have a model that is motivated to stay and help you. Even further, Mila in lieu of paying me per week, paid me a percentage of sales and there is no better motivation to increase a persons productivity then to hand them the wheel and say drive. Just some thoughts, and trust me, I know you didn’t intend for it to be this way, it just sometimes does and it can cause really bad feelings, and give your name a bad aura because models will always wonder if you were behind it, though I am sure you weren’t. But as I said, this wasn’t your contest specifically Eleseren, it was an experience I myself had once that was brought on by the “hurt feelings” of several of your contestants that are my friends too.

      2. I totally agree with you, eleseren, heck we hadn’t even met until Saturday and I certainly had nothing to gain from voting for one model or another. NONE of us knew who would win until the points were added up but yet we ALL came to the same conclusion. I’m sorry that there are hurt feelings. All of the models did a fine job. Some just did better than others.

      3. Thats good to hear actually AnneMarit Jarvinen. Thank you! Maybe you saw something I didn’t, because I have actually “preached” that too. Multiple times in this blog. Mostly pointing at myself.. That sometimes you may be the better model over all but sometimes that model was the best one “THAT day”. Thanks for adding a new perspective view! *hugs*

      4. Agreed AnneMarit, i have blogged “the best that day” on multiple occasions. I said I know nothing about this event. Didn’t even mention the event. I spoke about an experience I had personally, and what i felt was a more lucrative experience for designers. It was all my opinion, there was not one contestant who confided grief to me… i was speaking from my own knowledge and the outcome….

  6. Cao, I read your post with interest because we had a similar start in the modeling/fashion world and though we’ve had a parallel existence for the most part, we entered many of the same contests. In addition to this, I, too, rarely go to contests but I went to the one you referred to at the opening of your post because I had some friends participating. Also, I share your opinion about the overall contest in general. I have known VERY FEW that I think were handled in a completely fair and unbiased manner (sorry, all you contest organizers out there). I have knowledge of at least two contests in which the numbers showed me that judges weighted scores for certain contestants and against others in exactly the way you described happened to you. This is my very subjective opinion, but sometimes I have also seen contests with judges who are judging things they are not nearly as skilled at as the contestants, themselves; how does this make them especially qualified to judge another? For me, all of these things call into question the validity of the results of most of the contests out there. As far as “Face Of” contests go, it would behoove everyone, including the designers running the contests, to remember that the most successful “faces of” are those who are great marketing people. If I were a designer, I’d be looking for someone who was a great stylist, yes, but I would really be taking a total inventory of their skills, because I’d want someone who is going to be out there marketing my brand. This is all hard to do through a styling contest (another reason I think they’re just kind of invalid). One big perk to designers running brand contests is the money the contestants spend on the designer’s clothing, and this is a great thing for designers to do if they are looking for a boost in sales. All of that being said, I have this to say to those who are considering entering contests of any sort: contests are fantastic opportunities for making friends, getting to know people, networking, and expanding your creativity as far as styling and presentation go. There can only be one winner, so 99% of the ones who go in with their hearts hung on winning will be sad and disappointed. Some may even feel like quitting at this thing we do, altogether. If people enter with a positive mindset and realize the reality of contests out there (something many of us learned after our own experiences) they’ll have a much better experience. And that’s my 2 cents. Thanks for making that post.

    1. lol I have always thought of you as a much better, more professional model than myself Xandrah, you are one of the models I most want to be like early in my career. This is exactly what I wanted to say but felt I needed to put the example in the blog so this contest wouldn’t think I was “pickin” on them specifically (it wasn’t my intent) like you I am speaking of contests in general. But that is exactly what most designers need. I probably wouldn’t “fit” a lot of designers because I am very business/marketing oriented, in RL and SL. But it’s why I worked well with Mila at *SoliDea FoliEs* I was exactly what she needed at that point in her stores career, besides the fact that we are best friends and confidantes. I know you had the same relationship with any designer you have managed too. And we did it without “Facing” anyone. I just wanted to let models (and designers) know there are other alternatives available to them. Thanks Xandrah! ❤ xo

      1. It’s so funny you should say that, because I didn’t start out too much before you did, and I always admired your styling ability and your skills immensely! 🙂 You hit the nail on the head with so many of the things you’ve said. It’s stuff that a lot of models think but don’t want to say aloud because… well, there comes with it a certain sort of backlash sometimes. Plus, these lessons are things we’ve learned from going around the block a few times and watching our friends travel around the same block, too! Any designer can pick any pretty face out there, with or without a contest – there are hundreds of them – and I agree with your above advice that they’re often better off assembling a really great blogger team and going from their to find their “face” (if they need one) and build their brand. Everyone knows that you have done an incredible job for Mila, and she is very fortunate to have you! xoxo

  7. I said it back then and I will say it now. You were the winner in that particular contest, by commitment and hard work you put in for an entire year. Sometimes designers try so hard to make it fair that they completly miss the mark and get debateable judges who clearly were not objective.

    In the end, its their loss. Loss of their prizemoney and in this case, also the opportunity to have the ultimate ‘fece’ as their representative.

  8. Ohhhh, the drama of it all. Any model who has been in a contest in SL has had similar experiences, maybe not of the same magnitude, but none-the-less, experienced the heartbreak of losing a contest you put your heart and soul into when you and all your friends thought “it was in the bag.”

    I really wish I had been there for the contest but was unable to attend. I happen to know the judges and the agency owner in the contest mentioned though. I would stake my reputation on the integrity of these people as well as their decision.

    I am not insensitive to those who did not win. I have been there and experienced the frustration, the pain and the anger that goes with the loss. But let us not minimize the reward of the win for the chosen person. That, my friends, would be a true and measurable travesty of justice.

    Thanks Cao for letting me put my two cents in… 🙂 xoxo B

    1. If you are talking about my contest, i agree. The designer and other judges (except one ) is above par. If you are talking about THIS unnamed contest then I mentioned that i take nothing from the winner. She was the best this day, and actually, again, she is another friend. My point was mainly perhaps contests should not be based on the best that day, it would behoove the designer who is putting out about 50,000 L’s to pick the best that would help you the entire year. I, as i said, do not know on this contest. I do know, on mine the “face” left SL half way through the year..

  9. As i am writing this I realise it is so hard to do it without sounding bitter 🙂 But I admire you for speaking up. As I am sure you know I am an avid contest enterer but I have to say while the money is nice I really love the styling challenges the most , because as a model that is what I love to do, one of the best contest experiences I have had was when the judges actually posted their comments and points out for anyone to see, and they were not always positive the first time I entered the comments where very less than stellar but I decided to continue on, take the criticism and I ended up doing very well in the contest. I agree with you that it is hard for the contests to be totally fair and it does annoy me sometimes when I see how some of them end up. I can always deal with losing because I know the better person wins but it really bugs when that doesn’t happen.

    1. Interesting post and some interesting comments in response. Firstly I should say I have no idea which ‘Face of’ contest Cao’s post refers to as I am somewhat out of the loop of SL fashion contests these days, so this is a comment on SL model contests in general.
      I too have been on both sides of the fence, as a contestant, as an invited judge to designer/agency contests and as a contest organiser myself.
      In every contest there is one winner and many disappointed contestants, some of whom genuinely believe they ‘should have won’, and maybe they should have, although the idea that there is one clear uncontested potential winner, is, I would contend fallacious. The first point I would like to make is that these contests are not just about the models that enter them. A ‘Face of’ contest in particular is about a brand, and who the designer believes best represents that brand. That is, and indeed should be a subjective judgement. I recall in my early days of modelling entering a designers contest and styling what I thought was a fantastic outfit, using the various pieces in a very unique way. Actually I still think it was a great piece of styling, but what I totally ignored was the designer’s brand image. I remember the designer saying my contribution was ‘interesting’ which I think was probably a polite way of saying she was horrified! I have subsequently been a judge for this lovely lady’s ‘Face of’ contest so thankfully she didn’t hold it against me! Sometimes models style a fantastic outfit but it simply is not the look the designer is after. Winning does not equate with being a superior stylist, it just means you are the ‘best fit’ for that particular contest. If you want to win a contest then you need to ask yourself ‘che vuoi?’ (roughly translates as ‘what do you want from me?’) because when you are representing a brand it is the brand’s character you need to portray not your own. Perhaps the lesson here is to only enter contests that suit your own style.
      Secondly I think contestants need to do their homework. I have organised contests where people have styled brilliantly but then when it comes to the question/interview stage they clearly have no knowledge or interest in the brand in question. Does a designer want a model who has no real interest in the brand as their ‘Face of’ ?Speaking for myself I would not consider someone who has neither any interest in the brand nor the common sense to at least try to find out something about it prior to entering the contest. I can hold my hands up and say on that basis alone I have ruled contestants out.
      Then there is the vexed question of ‘personality’. Yes the person is a great stylist but you have experienced working with them before and they have a poor work ethic or a lousy attitude. Do I want them representing my brand. No I don’t, and again I consider this a perfectly valid reason for someone not winning a contest. The obverse of course is also true. If someone has a proven record of hard work and reliability that will work in their favour. Is this unfair? Some people may believe so but I will reiterate… the contest is NOT about the models but about the brand.
      What all this means of course that all contests are judged on a subjective basis. We all have individual tastes. Sure we can sometimes all agree that a model looks a hot mess but I have lost count of the times when I see other judges score cards and think… ‘Are we watching the same contest?’. So different judges… different results. Multiple judges do not get rid of this bias. What judging by many does is rule out the extreme ends of the styling. Just with any compromise you tend to get winners who don’t offend anyone’s eye. Sometimes this works and produces a worthy winner, sometimes it doesn’t and produces boring.
      Judging a styling contest or beauty pageant is not a science. I believe there should be transparency and feedback so that contestants can see where they have gone wrong. But sometimes contestants really do not want to hear the truth (even though they may ask for it).

      Am I disputing some contests are ‘rigged’ or ‘unfair’ or that nepotism does not exist? Of course not. I know for sure of contests where the outcome was predetermined and where some judges score sheets were not taken into account. I know that often models have friends in the judge’s chair, although this does not necessarily mean that they will get their vote! I also know that some contests are scrupulously fair but that accusations of ‘I should have won’ and abusive rants occur anyway.
      I think that if you enter a contest you should not take it personally if you do not win. It could be you are just not what that particular designer/agency is looking for. It does not mean that the winner is ‘better’ than you are. It could mean that the judges know bugger all about fashion! It could be they asked for something they didn’t fully understand. It could be they have lousy taste. It could be a whole number of things and really at the end of the day does it matter that much? I can genuinely say when I was modelling I never went into a contest thinking I had a right to win. I won some. I lost some. And I enjoyed the process if not always the result. As a participant you sometimes just have to accept that on the day someone else was (for whatever reason) was the person that designer/agency wanted to represent them.
      Apologies for being long winded!

      1. Very good points Aphro and much what I think myself. Thanks for adding in. I should clarify that I did not think I was “entitled” to the win, but given the other judges scores, I would have. But a lot of what you say, is what I was “trying” to say. I think 9 times out of 10 a designer will not get the best person to represent their brand bc as you say, the judges all have different views of the brand and of fashion. So it would seem wiser for a designer to forego the competition process and just hire a brand manager.

      2. Contests are a big PR exercise as well as just finding a ‘Face’ though. Successful ones generate a lot of publicity and can also be a lot of fun. Given what I see as the decline in the SL fashion industry (far fewer shows than in the past) contests are one of the ways for models to style and be seen. For new fashion brands it is a way of getting noticed too. Certainly it is a way for new models to get on the radar of designers and agencies. I think contestants have to enter them knowing the potential pitfalls and taking whatever positives they can from the process. The biggest mistake contestants make is to take the results personally…. it is very rarely personal.
        I believe designers need to take a multi -faceted approach to marketing and utilise all available options. It can be extremely hard to get yourself known and requires a lot of hard work, particularly at the beginning. They may not always get everything right (who does?) but as long as it isn’t an outright rip-off (pay for votes type stuff) I think contests can make a positive contribution for brand and model alike. Needless to say however you won’t be seeing me in another one!!!!!

    2. actually Zion, it’s more the “better person on that day” than the better person. (and I hope I wasn’t that judge who gigged you) 😉 Any time I am asked to judge anything, whether it’s a contest, a modeling class graduation, or an agency casting, whether its asked for or not, I always put comments of why I gave the numbers I did, first in case I didn’t see an individual properly, but also because if people aren’t told what you like or don’t like about the perception of their style, they will not know what went wrong. Do I think I am the authority on this. ah, heck no! My style and tastes are unique to me, just as yours are to you. So I think it more just gives the model “food for thought” to ponder on.

  10. Cao, I always enjoy reading your blog because I always find your message heartfelt and sincere, and never attacking anyone. You speak your mind in a very eloquent way that I enjoy thoroughly. This particular post made me want to post and I see that it struck a chord in many others as well.

    I know you are trying not to name the event you attended and I suspected which one and the comments since you posted verified my suspicion. I was a contestant in this particular event and I can assure you I have no hurt feelings for not placing in the top 3. I am not sure where I fall in the spectrum of models at this point, but I am confident in saying I am no noobie to the circuit, nor am I “seasoned” by any means. I have been around the modeling block a few times and entered my share of contests. My mantra has always been the same for all of them “experience and exposure.” That is so critical for any new model. That is my prize in the end regardless of the outcome.

    I can honestly say that only twice have I let myself get emotionally invested in modeling contests and each time I hated the emotional roller coaster losing put me on. Rejection is something I have never dealt well with in RL or SL, but I can feel myself growing for the experiences SL modeling has given me. You can’t win them all and you won’t be what everyone is looking for. These contests are subjective and I take my victories where I can get them. A lot of times that is in just being selected from the pool of candidates, or becoming a finalist, and in the case of the event you reference, making the top 8. I know I can’t win them all and I know they are subjective. There is nothing that can be done about that. I feel very fortunate to have some of the best guide me along the way. Xandrah gave me my start and Seashell molded me. Their guidance and support have been invaluable and without them I would not be the SL model I am today. I did my very best in this competition and I am proud of my work.

    This was the last contest I planned on entering. As I said, I have entered my share and because of the experience and exposure of them all I have more than enough work to do. Zion spoke of styling challenges and I LOVE those and find them in blogging for the designers that have taken me on as a blogger. All the fun of styling without the stress of a competion!

    So thank you Cao for being your honest, thoughtful self. I enjoyed your post and I hope any model reading this…new or experienced takes it all to heart and doesn’t let competitions crush their spirit.

      1. Thank you for cheering for me Cao! I love being on the runway, regardless of any prize. I seriously do “live for the applause!” lol
        I couldn’t cam too much for fear of crashing and I did peek at my radar from time to time. Nariko and I did come up with a no prize styling just-for-fun thingy. We call it Item of the Week. I would link you if I wasn’t on my iPad on a break, but you can visit my blog and choose the “Item of the Week” category from the sidebar. This week’s item is TAILS! 😀 *HUGS*

  11. What a wonderful post and I agree designers need to be very careful how they go about those face of’s. I entered one an only one years ago, at the start of what then became “the SL fashion world” no names needed what matters here is the story, I asked if I could actually “walk” yes ladies in the beginning of time models would jump on a pose ball that would walk you, but I was told I could walk on my own I was pleased as pie, since I was the only trained model in the group I knew I had it nailed, armed with new poses I was ready, and did what I consider to be a near perfect routine, and do not mind saying that during the event I felt bad several times for the other ladies at how unprepared and lost, mechanically floating down the runway and coming to bumpy jerky stops with those old freebie poses that extended the ankles and pushed out the back side as if your ava was afflicted with a spastic disorder, one lady was specially “special” and even fell off the stage twice once in the middle and then at the end of the runway, but she had only been in SL about 7 days so I figured she was brave for actually not logging off in humiliation never to return to SL. Anyway won’t bore you with details but YES at the end of that fiasco and the other circus like routines, the winners where announced and she won the contest, the contract to represent the store, the crown, and all the prizes! Even after all the years it still bothers me, so you are a much better person Cao, I never did go back to the store to shop nor ever sent anyone there, I deleted the items I had from there. What bothered me the most was the blatant lie and hype, and the humiliation of having to be on the same stage with people who could not have been a more gross representation of fashion if they had been made to order, and that this designer though so little of her brand that she would pick based on friendship. For that they can save the time and simply appoint who ever they want to be their crown bearing head, even if she did fall a lot…No the designer is not around she flopped her self soon after, must of been her poor eye for quality and professionalism that transpired to all the business.

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