Behind the scenes of Paradise Lost – Trailer Trouble

Paradise Lost! *squeaaaaaaaaaak!* it’s almost time! ❤


It has been some weeks since my last visit to the studio’s of Paradise Lost, but yesterday I got an IM from Becky and Harvey inviting me over for a “Meet & Greet” with the actors who play God and Satan, during one of their breaks (or as Harvey sighed ‘one of their MANY, MANY breaks..’).
I was so excited I stopped uploading pictures, detached my bath-tub from my fore-arm (don’t ask..) and TP’d over to the studio!

Once again I was impressed, this time to see how well Becky and Harvey take care of their actors! Look at the luxury they are surrounded with! Each has their own trailer, there is plenty of wine, rum, shoes and even transportation is arranged. Seriously, I have seen worse in my travels around the grid.

Satan looked real friendly so I tried to start some chit-chat and was hoping for an autograph…

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